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Do A Good Deed Today & Get a Signed Copy of Huck #1


This is a brilliant idea from Diamond UK where they’re selecting ten of their Twitter followers and sending them a free copy of Huck #1 today. Just because it’s a nice thing to do. I love the idea as it’s totally in keeping with the idea behind the book. Their Twitter address is @PreviewsUK.

This inspired me to do something similar here and so I’m going to give away TEN SIGNED COPIES of Huck #1 to the people who do the best deed today. I’ll judge this at 9am UK time tomorrow morning when I’m at my desk again, but over the next 24 hrs try to do something especially nice, post it and the ten best ones get free signed comics delivered straight to their door.

Good luck!



Dang it - it’s New York.
How am I supposed to do a good deed here?


I helped a blind lady cross the pedestrian crossing in the rain this morning (the crossings in or around College Green have been changed due to Luas works).

I got drenched for my trouble…so that’s it for me being nice to people. :smiley:


What would Batman do in New York?



Excellent inititive!


I just gave my colleague, who got soaked to the skin on his way into work this morning and is now smelling mildly like wet dog, my spare pair of socks.

So that is definitely my last good deed. No more.


Looking someone in the eye and smiling at them is considered a good deed in New York City, isn’t it? :wink:


Then I did a hundred good deeds then hahah.

Nah, went out and signed this petition at the Dolphin Project.Org to stop in-captivity shows and slaughter of marine life of Dolphins, Whales, etc.

Gonna think that counts for something.





Originally posted on Twitter…

After I dropped my Wife off at the airport for a business trip to Germany (good deed #1) I went and grabbed a coffee from Costa and found £20 in my old jacket pocket so treated the 4 people behind me in the queue to a coffee as well (good deed #2)!!


Oh and I read Huck this morning and apart from the amazing story, the art in it is phenomenal! Rafael Albuquerque (legend) and Dave McCraig have done a great job!


i’m french and i served wine for free to someone i never met because it’s the way it is!


i suppose it may not count being a close family member but i just got back from my nan’s, shes pretty sick so i spent the morning helping her out! painted her bedroom, paid her bills, did some shopping for her and took down as she calls them (bloody pain in the arse) blinds! i love my nan to pieces so i guess it isnt as much as a good deed, rather than helping out my dear old nan! good luck to all doing there good deed today :smiley:


Well, I was running on the treadmill at Caledonian University Arc gym and it’s a good time to people watch. Anyway, this older gentleman couldn’t take a step up on the kerb and was trying for literally 2.54 minutes (checked on treadmill clock) until I had to come off and out the fire escape door (which unknown to me locked behind me) and I helped him step up onto a kerb. Nothing fancy, that’s it simple. The reason he couldn’t step up was because he had his leg in a stookie- poor guy, but I share this only as a story and NOT to be rewarded a copy of this awesome comic- (which I bought this morning) but to give it to someone else for their good deed. There- 2 good deeds in one.


Today I hosted a charity pool tournament in the city of Glasgow college raising money for Legion Scotland. Not life changing but everything counts I guess


I held in an elevator fart. It was difficult but it’s what a hero would do.


Mark, your cool factor goes up quite a bit with this. :sunglasses: :thumbsup:


My good deed for the day is to give some lucky boy or girl my possible won copy, as I already bought both covers this morning, spread that Huck love!!! :wink:
Also when I recommend a title that I love on new comic book day, I tell them to take it, and read it, and if they don’t like it I’ll pay for it, never had to buy one yet. I did it for every copy I sold of Chrononauts that weren’t standing ordered, didn’t get a single return, but did get a bunch of standing orders for the rest of the issues! Winner.


I don’t know if I will do anything worth reporting as phenomenally good over the next 24 hours but if I do, I’ll definitely mention it here :smile:

Besides, aren’t I supposed to be hiding my secret identity? :wink:


I bought 3 copies. 2 regular covers, 1 variant. That’s the best deed you can do, support MillarWorld. It’s cool Mark, you can give my signed copy to someone who couldn’t buy 1 (or 3).


This is my today’s good deed: I gave away 5 comics of my own to 5 radom people in the street that accept it, so I will make his day better, and maybe gain another potencial comic book fan.

Even though, the best reward of doing a good deed is the satisfaction of helping others, so getting a signed book by Mark Millar it’s beyond any reward.