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Diversity in Modern Society


Usually publishers wouldn’t include digital sales when publicising physical trades but who knows?

It’s actually fairly impressive but The Walking Dead sold 3 million before the TV show aired so not crazy huge but explains why there’s no pending cancellation talk when the floppy sales are pretty low. With their recent revival of Iceman Marvel do seem more interested in the longer tail than before.


Over half a million collections sold, means in 10 volumes they’re averaging 50,000 units of each trade over the lifetime of the title. That’s decent, but hardly amazing numbers - basically 15 trades per US comic store. The Walking Dead is on an entirely different level, I’m sure a single one of their trades can eclipse a half million units.

But I guess Marvel should celebrate something going right for them for once.


I said it was decent and Walking Dead way eclipsed them even before TV but let’s be honest, trade sales are not coming from comic stores, nobody much here buys them from there and we’re the converted. 60k per volume is actually pretty great, celebrity biogs often don’t reach that.

The trades thread just showed that Forbidden Planet, the largest comic retailer in the world, are exiting the market for online sales.


It is a bit absurd in the end. It’s culturally insensitive to draw the attire incorrectly, but, at the same time, it’s oppressive for a culture to force or shame women into wearing attire that virtually hides them from public view.


I’m not defending the politics of it all but it is clearly nonsense to draw it as ‘sexy’ with tits on show in tight silhouette.

You can take it away from Islamic culture to various religious groups in the US and it doesn’t logically work. Let’s have Amish and Mormon girls walking around in fetish gear and swimwear. Whether you approve or not that’s not going to happen.


Yeah, it doesn’t make sense if they were going to be realistic, but Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan have theocratic problems with women’s rights, so a realistic portrayal of the attire might also require a realistic viewpoint of the place women have in those cultures as well. A realistic portrayal wouldn’t necessary be in the best possible light.


Who would deny that? The character is not from Saudi Arabia so that part is irrelevant and part of the complaint, it’s like saying someone from Mexico or Sweden is American because they have vaguely geographic or cultural links. It is part of my objection that nobody in Afghanistan uses that language or uses that form of dress, because Grant Morrison is really shit at research.

We get this nonsense all the time here to be honest. My pet hate is “European” attitudes or policies when none of it exists. I have no idea why Dutch people love turning their front windows over to chintzy displays like it’s a show. Even if with a hard Brexit I will always be European by geography, will never get the window displays.

I mean it is all fiction, you can imagine a world where women cover themselves, voluntarily or not, just to then turn it into wet t-shirt contest of the best tits on show, it could happen. I could have Texans obsessed with Marmite and Emmerdale Farm or Brits walking around with handguns on a shopping trip. It’s all possible but there’s no political point made in making a woman, forced or voluntarily, make it look sexy in your fiction.

Criticise it by all means but that’s not the same thing.



Haha where did you see that? I think that’s mostly a thing old people still do. Or people in the Dutch Bible belt. I think it was necessary to do it like that in the old Christian days so you would show the townsfolk you have nothing to hide.


Although many Muslim women choose to dress that way, as well.


Yeah, it’s almost as if it’s typical for the X-Men to be sloppy in depicting non-American characters…


In Utrecht, admittedly a couple of decades ago which may fit in with the ‘old fashioned’ part. It was very noticeable at that time and place almost all the houses did it.


Come to think of it I think there are still people who do that, maybe some younger people too, I’m not sure. I’ve got blinds that usually cover the windows but are opened to let in light.



I’m not going to look for the eye roll emoji but if this is such an issue, just use “y’all.”


Hey Everyone. The whole fucking article and not once did the idiot writer suggest Hey Everyone. The entire thing reads like a parody anyway.

I’d have trouble if people in the North started using y’all. That’s cultural appropriation.


I will allow cultural appropriation in this case. Especially if it cuts back on shit articles like that.



I may vomit.


If you read what the guys featured in the article actually say that how the author is presenting them they seem like alright people. There’s alot of mixing different things in critiquing the right wing in a concerted effort to discredit them entirely and demonize what they say, but alot of it comes off as unfair.

The trouble is I’m not sure how many people can read their words absent of how they’re framed. It’s hard to escape the set narratives.