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Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination Ben

To this thread shall come all things, given enough time and enough monkeys.


Even a superloo that goes sub-orbital?

(I loved that sketch)


Oh yes, the one with Gwyneth as his wife. I was always a big fan of Calum Gilhooley.


Can I just add that I like the new design. I’d also like to see it get the flowing cape treatment that a lot of artists are really good at.

It’s all about the drama… well the bit that’s not about boobs and pecs anyway.


It might be possible that most of those 8-10,000 supporters are people who have never read a comic book, and are just supporting the agendas. “Wingnut welfare,” as it is called. I remember reading that Jordan Peterson (apologies for invoking the name) clears about $100k a month through Patreon.


Ethan Van Sciver is a nut as are all comicsgate people. But I’d support Peterson, if I had the spare cash. (Though I might just buy the book instead of donating to Patreon.)


I met both Gail Simone and Ethan Van Sciver back in the dark ages of X-Fan (which somehow got confused with other hobbies) and the boards there. Apparently they are still talking to each other occasionally. I figured out real quick-like that when two “name” creators argue, stand back and let 'em at it. Right now, at the moment, I am “stood back” from four distinct verbal arguments and/or vendettas. I don’t want the family to fight, I just want them to make good comics. I also have the skill sets to settle these little spats if I could get the parties into a nice quiet room for a while to chat. But, I think this is going to go on. If nothing else, it’s something for people to talk about. Maybe if the more extreme folks with an opinion could reel in the venom about 10%-20%, they could use that energy for more clever commentary.

OTOH I’ve know Layman for years and Pitarra for fewer years but both separately. Now they’re working together on Leviathan (with Mike Garland coloring and needing more sunshine) and i’m having a good time watching from the sidelines. So there can be great fun collaborations that can generate press, too. It’s just rarer in these times.


I remember the heat his WW Earth One took, apparently for being anti - feminist and too sexy. Though he claimed he read few feminists books before he wrote. From neutral POV, I gotta say it is one helluva confusing book.

On-topic: I would probably read Jawbreakers. I know it’s terrible, it’s kinda 90s way, an enterteining trash. And if someone says, Myer (or whatever his name is) did introduced diverse cast.

But I don’t see where Mike S Miller falls to. Someone mentioned him. But his art is in Injustice is cartoony, but kick ass.


Mike S Miller is extremely anti-gay from what I remember, which is probably why he’s involved in Comicsgate.


This is interesting: a reasoned and dignified reaction from Peter Dinklage to ‘whitewashing’ claims over his casting as Hervé Villechaize.

Here’s a story on the original accusations:

And the recent interview with Dinklage’s response:


He’s dignified, and also factually correct.


Hence ‘reasoned’.


I think it’s pretty silly that internet police people jumped on this casting in the first place. How many dwarfs are there that can headline a movie? I think their expectations are unreasonable, sometimes business reasons will get in the way of finding the perfect fit. That’s why they’re actors and we don’t just hire impersonators.

Dinklage is fighting by saying the internet isn’t accurate, but what he can’t say is sometimes you need a white actor to play a minority role.


Even if Villechaize were Filipino, how many Filipino dwarfs are there that can act and have enough clout to get a movie made? Villechaize isn’t such a beloved figure that they can get an unknown to play him.


…and even with Dinklage in the role, I don’t really care enough about Villechaize’s story to want to see the movie. I’m not really a fan of biopics, especially of modern people whose lives are already well-documented.


There’s another point there too. The incorrect story was he was half Filipino and half British.

Mixed race characters and actors make things quite difficult. Ben Kingsley (real name Krishna Pandit) raised this debate when he played Ghandi decades ago as half Indian.

How specific can you get? A mixed race European/Malay* dwarf that has the acting chops to headline a movie is tough.

There are genuine dumb ‘whitewashing’ casting decisions that affect the chances of actors getting roles when the landscape is already hard for them. I think those are right to bring up as priority and not the rather fringe ones where it isn’t clear cut.

(*My use of “Malay” here is a racial and not national term, the indigenous people of South East Asia are given that name for their physical characteristics that are very different to East Asians and includes most of Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand. Using ‘Asian’ can be insulting in itself in many ways because it covers half the world’s population from very different ethnic groups).


This is the key, I think. It seems like people seized on this as another example to get worked up about, without being informed about the person being portrayed (or at best being misinformed by faulty information from an unreliable source), let alone the approach the film was taking to him.

I know it’s a regular theme at the moment but it bears repeating: people should actively be looking at the context and background of these ‘outrages’ for themselves before getting caught up in them, however well-meaning they might be.


This is actually quite rare from Marvel, the second time they’ve boasted about how well Ms Marvel sells outside the standard monthly model.


I wonder how many of them were during the Comixology 99c/69p glitch? :slight_smile:


It’s for Hachette, so I assume they mean print collections.