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Diversity in Modern Society


I mean why would they though? If you’re not interested in comics or gaming why would you be following the controversies in those communities. Are you up on the controversies in the nursing community?


I think this has been posted before.


I don’t know if it’s that big in the comics community either. I think it’s being built up, less so by the instigators and moreso by everyone responding to them. Like the guy farted in an office and now there’s meetings and a memo and committees against farts.


My point is that for all the hand wringing and gnashing of teeth over these controversies, they’re overblown.

And unfortunately I know a ton about the nursing community controversies. I can’t seem to unsubscribe to @RonnieM’s nursing community controversy blog. You’d think they’d have a better way to clean the anal thermometers than running them under tap water.


Many more than that did, Diamond numbers don’t show sales outside the US and Canada and it has been noted by the editor Sana Amanat and Tom Brevoort as her boss that it’s the only Marvel book that sells more copies in digital than print. It’s a bit of an outlier that way as the usual split is around 70-30 in favour of print.

Which is almost certainly why it’s still going as 13k is below Marvel’s cancellation point (and digital sales make them a lot more money per copy than print does).


So the new series of Great British Bake Off started yesterday. One of the 12 contestants is a gay, married stay at home dad. Three of them are not even British by birth, one of those 3 is French.
I’ve got to think that channel 4 are just delibertaly trolling/baiting the far right brexiteers crowd.
It’s added a whole new later of enjoyment to the show.


Posting this here because of the diversity component.


It’s a fair point, although I would say only a minority of artists drew the ‘sexy’ Dust with everything clinging to her ‘ample bosoms’ as in the example.

On this section:

Despite being a popular character in the X-Men universe, Dust has previously drawn criticism for being poorly researched.

For example, Marvel lists her place of origin as an “unrevealed location in western Afghanistan”.

However, Dust speaks in Arabic, rather than Pashto or Dari, which are much more commonly spoken in Afghanistan.

This may annoy some but after reading pretty much all he has done, Grant Morrison is a very poor researcher if it isn’t a subject he’s really into. As soon as I saw Dust in the comic I was rather bemused by what she was wearing, typical of another region entirely.

I still haven’t forgiven him for naming a Welsh character ‘Siadwel’, a name that doesn’t exist outside of a joke by comedian John Sparkes on a BBC Scotland sketch show.


Is it a fair point? Did this image cause any harm, or offense that’s in any way significant? Doesn’t this feel like incredible nit picking? Can you imagine if you’re Marvel editorial, and you’re doing all you can to offer new characters from all sorts of backgrounds for new readers, and out of the blue there’s a BBC story because one of your freelance artists drew her with tits that were a bit too large? There’s no room for error anymore. Rather than continuing to try, I can understand if they said ‘fuck this’ and went back to just their traditional characters.

Bonus like for the Absolutely clip btw.


Not really. The entire point of wearing a Niqab is to appear modest and not reveal your ‘aurat’, which means body shape. If it’s super clingy it kind of makes the entire thing pointless, they may as well just have her dress normally.

I do agree though as I said that most artists I saw didn’t draw her that way anyway and the story suggests they did.

Siadwel was on Naked Video, the BBC2 series with a lot of the same cast before Absolutely on Channel 4. Do your **&^^%& research Jim, you’re as bad as Grant Morrison! :smile:


It’s not like they’re being sued. It’s a story that raises awareness of an issue (the problems that occur when there’s a lack of diversity and/or voices in the room) that could be pretty easily avoided in the future.


Marvel have probably made thousands of images of her over the years. It’s like highlighting the Captain America with tits image and the BBC running an article on how Marvel have a problem with their idea of American men. It’s just one ill advised drawing.


I think it’s a little more than that. I did see ‘sexy’ Dust in Niqab appear in a few later comics (although the originiator and Mr Non-PC, Ethan Van Sciver, didn’t at all).

The picture they used is the worst offender I have seen though. So I agree it’s exaggerated but also not entirely a non-story either.


Everybody uses these scanning thermometers now. Even retail they’re around forty bucks. No cleaning. No cold glass up the bum!


Try telling that to the nursinggate folks.


Ah I used to love Naked Video.

(It’s where Gregor Fisher’s character from the Hamlet ads first originated isn’t it?)


As marketing slogans go, it’s a snappy one.


To put this into context, Fabian Nicezia of all people got this right in an X-Men Annual in like 92…


Yeah “The Baldy Man” and Rab C Nesbitt also came out of Naked Video.

Absolutely didn’t have Siadwel but Sparkes and Morwenna Banks did ‘DIY With Denzil’.


Well, didn’t expect to find Naked Video being discussed here.