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Diversity in Modern Society


Comics aren’t for people who don’t like comics?

Ok, I take it back, that’s not stupid at all.

Tom King is a literary and philosophical genius.


Maybe you should go look at the context of the arguments being made to which King is responding.


Always a good place to start.


So you’re saying Twitter is the wrong medium for his message?


I’m saying that you need to go do some research.


Twitter is often a conversation. An isolated tweet like this is like taking a single post from a thread out of the context of that discussion.


Tom King cleverly mixed deception with truth.

“Comics aren’t for everyone”. True, but not true. Aren’t they are all supposed to be for you when you walk in comic book store? There is variety of comics out there. Like manga, literally, you have comics about cooking.

Next, comics are created by imigrants. He forgot to say - Jews. Stan Lee, Bob Kane, Will Eisner… So, what does it mean that if you are outcast, then comics are for you?

I would rather claim comics are part pop culture now, which means it’s for nearly everyone. Not subculture like in the past.


People often tweet what’s on their mind in the moment. I don’t see anything else relating to this tweet.


I can kinda buy that; but as much as comics characters are part of pop culture, comics themselves are still a subculture.


Followed the link, found a single tweet with no context, no indication of which argment it is responding to. What am I supposed to do, read twitter’s entire output for the last week to figure out the meaning of some ambiguous statements written with no context provided by the writer to assist the reader in resolving that ambiguity (which should be a writer’s #1 job)?

Ok, I’ll get right on that…


So you’re saying Twitter is the wrong medium for his message?


If you’re not willing to pay attention to the zeitgeist, don’t be surprised when people point that out.


In the words of Mark himself, “the crow was sucking cock for a reason.”

(The Unfunnies remains one of the odder bits of the MW library)


I think Twitter is a bad medium for lots of reasons. :slight_smile:


“Comics aren’t for everyone” is an accurate but loaded phrase. Comics have typically appealed to kids who want escapist adventures, kids who prefer to read than to play sports, kids who feel like they’re a bit outside the norm and like characters who are also like that. Particularly Marvel characters. This isn’t a rule so much as a guideline, and it’s a pretty accurate one. He’s not saying some people can’t read comics, he’s saying comics don’t appeal to every type of person.

It’s an old stereotype - you can’t say comics aren’t universal when you see their place in pop culture today. So I think it’s not a very wise thing to say in this day and age. It’s like saying Mickey Mouse isn’t for everyone.

Moreover, there’s a clear subtext to what he’s saying. Comics aren’t for bigots. Or racists. Or sexists. Comics aren’t their to affirm your belief structure, nor are they to maintain your perception of the status quo. If you want to be a comics fan part of that experience is new characters and new adventures.

“Comics exist to amplify the voices of those who struggle to be heard”. That’s his message. I’m not sure I agree, Batman doesn’t exist to represent minority voices. Occasionally a comic run will have a very special issue that touches on some social touchstone, but in the 120 new comics released this month I’d bet 118 of them are about hitting people and stopping bad guys. I don’t think you can put comics on the same platform they were on maybe 30 years ago.

All in all I’m finding it a real rabbit hole that everything is being put through this social filter now.


I’d disagree with Will. Comics characters are watched thru the eyes of comics. If you watch Batman on the screen, and not giving a penny for any his comic book story, that isn’t much to say. What I mean, ppl who aren’t that interested in screen adaption of comic characters, aren’t in comics at all. I know my Dad for e.x. He kinda likes Batman, but at the far end, he thinks all of that is one and same.

As for anyone or not, click on the link or see that King is perhaps the only who disagrees.
And while generally true, comics aren’t for bigots of all sorts, there is still a ton of problematic material in comics, that probably doesn’t bother a average reader.


When I purged by comics collection a few years ago, The Unfunnies was one series I did keep.



Hold on, comics are for everyone now?

I can’t keep up with the pace of modern society :confused:


Those crazy kids eh?