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Diversity in Modern Society


You know my parents?



That would be an extensive post indeed.


this is pretty accurate as well


I remember when the stereotype was that British people were polite too.


I don’t


I’m still not quite sure what you are. :wink:


I’m a MonStar, apparently.


I thought you were Botswana?


I was, shortly after I was looking California but feeling Minnesota



I loved that toy.



Ahahahaha, are these news a joke?


Related story:


Didn’t they also create a Chinese Avengers member for comics in China a couple years ago?


Just as about every DC/Marvel movie, though, modified to accustom Chinese people.

@Rory I believe it’s Captain China. But I don’t think he’s about popular in China, more than in US, because he is a more of a capitalist. And Mao Zedong’s soldier, whose left wing oriented, Cultural Revolution, almost fucking destroyed the country.
If that you’ll gonna show up to Chinese people, that move’d end up in ruins.


I think this has been in the works for a few years. They mentioned plans to create a Chinese hero back in 2015, and announced the partnership with NetEase last year:


Wasn’t there some sort of fox related character they came up already? I want to say Silver Fox, but that’s clearly not right. A woman with white/silver hair and costume.


White Fox. She’s Korean, not Chinese. She was in Al Ewing’s Contest of Champions, with the intention of adding her to the Contest of Champions video game, which I don’t think happened.