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Diversity in Modern Society


The line between stoic and boring is a thin one.
I usually draw it with some semblance of not sounding like a robot.


Bruce Wayne!


He’s ex-military in the comics too.


Not in the original comics. You appear to have been reading some kind of perverted 30-year-long Elseworlds story :wink:


Remember when he had an afro and went on this extended technicolor journey?

What times those were.


Every story is original unless it’s copying a another story.


I love everything else you write in this, but the starting point is still problematic. Vic Stone is an athlete for all the reasons you point out. And for reasons you don’t. This is a kid who felt rejected by a dad who was never there for him. It doesn’t matter what his dad was doing. All a kid knows or cares about is that his dad (or mom) isn’t there. In the black community especially, the biggest problem has been exactly that. So the kid grasps for what’s the easiest way to get noticed. Sometimes it means sports. Sometimes something worse. In Vic’s case he did the opposite of what his father was doing. Instead of using his smarts, he used his body. But the point of Cyborg is that he ultimately must reconcile these things. It’s the ultimate integration narrative.

You could tell the same story if the kid were Tom Brady. This one’s told with a black man because it’s Victor Stone, who is a black man. It’s kind of funny, too, because the Fantastic Four remake is essentially this version of Cyborg, and that’s probably why I love it where other people hate it, and actually, my favorite part of it is another Victor.

There’s nothing wrong with Cyborg reflecting his times, being an athlete, especially when the rest of his story plays out the way it does. Honestly, the whole package makes him infinitely more relevant than he has ever been. All this talk about him being a Teen Titan because he was introduced as a Teen Titan…Honestly, he’s probably the least interesting member of the New Teen Titans era. He has no standout moment, unlike every other one. Even Terra, whose sole reason to be a member was to betray them, has one! Even Deathstroke’s mute son! But Cyborg basically existed to exist. If he hasn’t had an arc in the Rebirth era that reminds everyone that this hasn’t been the case as a member of the League, then that’s another matter. But Johns literally salvaged his whole existence.


I get it too. It’s much more likely to work with an established character that shoe-horning a new one in and I don’t think it’s just PC, it’s commerce. It’s not 1941 or 1963, you want to have your product to appeal to as many people as possible as they have money to spend.



John is an excellent GL. I love him as the leader of the Corps in the current comics. However, he is not the best choice for the GL as a member of the JL. The JL already has a Batman; the guy who sees the angles and plans things. Hal’s loose cannon personality provides a much more interesting narrative on that team than John Stuart’s stoic leadership.


An online harassment campaign and culture war called #Comicsgate is underway against people pushing to diversify the comic book industry, with trolls and their influential enablers targeting those calling for increased representation for women, different races, and the LGBT community.

Several comics superfans and creators are calling it a dark evolution of the Gamergate controversy that targeted women participating in video game culture with abuse.

Comicsgate trolls use racist, sexist, and sometimes threatening language to intimidate people they call “SJWs” — or “social justice warriors,” essentially anyone they believe is advocating for diversity in the industry. Some of the messages are overt, while most are cloaked in innuendo or make inside references to the comics world that outsiders would find confusing.

Most of the trolls are anonymous, living on Twitter — some use “#Comicsgate” in their bios — YouTube, private Discord channels, and message boards used by far-right supporters of Donald Trump. They swarm people who publicly support initiatives from large publishers, such as Marvel and DC, to diversify. The trolls say diversity weakens the quality of comics.


This is just going to make calling Marvel’s America racist trash even harder.


They’ve been trying to hashtag comicsgate going for months with little luck. Not sure if more mainstream media attention will act as disinfectant or a signal booster


Let’s not forget. Comics are escapism. Some would like to escape the fact that individuals exist who aren’t straight white males.


That can’t possibly be true.


Then explain me




Call me Ñ Man


Scientific experiment gone horribly right.


Ill-conceived, drunken bar bet.