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Diversity in Modern Society


You’ll never go broke railing against “identity politics,” that’s for sure. Ethan Van Sciver made a stupid amount of money in his recent kickstarter.


They ignore things like EVS averaged $50 per donor from 10,000 donors. That’s half as many people who bought Infinity Countdown Darkhawk #2 in June. It’s like comparing voluntary response stats to random sampling.


I should probably not ressurect this thread but found this too funny:

I was totally expecting something else from the article… but no, apparently she’s just not gay enough… or jewish… :smile:

Granted, it’s probably over-blown BS, but still… another shining exemple of this shittier-each-new-day culture…


Damn Star Wars fans…

Oh, wait…

Interesting that she was run off for not being PC enough. It’s like the Bizarro Kelly Marie Tran incident.

There’s just something about social media/Web 2.0 that makes people act like complete assholes. Twitter-facebook-Youtube-Instagram has turned the web into a toxic cesspool.

I, personally, in real life, know about a dozen friendships that have been destroyed by behavior on facebook and twitter.


I’m out of the loop on the Batwoman character. Is Batwoman a Jewish lesbian? If so does that mean only Jewish lesbians should be considered to play the role? I thought “acting” was about being someone different than you really are.



I have no idea why this is offensive. Is it forbidden to depict trans women in a seductive fashion?

Seems like the flakiest of snowflakes.


From those sample pages that book does not look like my cup of tea.

Side note but why do all comics news websites look so cheap and are so full of crappy ads, pop-ups, videos, notification alerts, and so on that they make my browser freeze up?


Jesus fucking wept


I’d like to think Jesus wouldn’t bother wasting tears over nonsense like this. Can you imagine being so precious that you’re scanning every single comics panel for the tiniest slight?

Comics might find it hard to survive in this climate. I’m unsure how they got in this place.


Did anyone actually read what was said? No one was scanning comic pages looking to be offended or being a snowflake. Simone said that some her trans friends pointed out to her that the pages in question could be interpreted as playing into the stereotype of trans women “tricking” men (which is often used as an excuse for violence towards trans women). So she wanted to clarify that was not her intention and apologize if that’s how it read to her trans fans.


It just looks like a trans woman (if you can call Plastic Man masquerading as a woman that) acting in a seductive manner to me. Is that always to be interpreted as “tricking”? That seems rather puritanical and repressed.

edit: It is rather ironic that even Gail Simone who is a bit of a social activist has to be educated by the SJW inquisition.


I really doubt her friends are the SJW inquisition.


I don’t doubt her friends are idiots.


Pardon the expression, but it’s time for some groups of people to ‘man’ the fuck up.


They’re offended over nothing so they certainly act like the SJW inquisition.

It really doesn’t make an inch of sense. Say it was a biological woman acting in the way Plastic Man does here, would that be less offensive? Is that then not discrimination by her “trans friends”, to see themselves as more special, more victimy?

I think some of these people do more psychological harm than good to the trans community.


Warriors & White Knights. The internet version of D&D.


It’s horrible journalism again. Clickbait horseshit trying to stir people up rather than actually report something accurately, because accuracy wont generate web clicks or help sell advertising space.


If I really try to wrap my head around it, does Gail apologize because this could be seen as her depicting someone “tricking”, and therefore stereotyping?

Is tricking a bad thing though? Are transsexuals required to inform anyone they’re transsexuals before they’re allowed to flirt? Imho the answer to that should be no, this is just flirtatious behavior, the fact it is by someone who “pretends” to be of the opposite sex should be irrelevant. Therefore it is nothing more offensive than seductive behavior by any other person, and there is nothing wrong with a depiction of that.


The answer should be no but the reality is if they don’t they can get murdered because of it.