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Diversity in Modern Society


I’d honestly never seen one just the door labeled for it at my university.

I think it likely very similar to requirements within Judaism and the foot washing that somewhat carried over into Christianity. There wasn’t much really a distinction between ritual cleanliness and physical cleanliness as one was determined by the other. We think of all of those things as separate but they are not divided with The Law.


I’ve never seen one, I honestly thought it was something for pissing in. Here they just use a washbasin, I suppose there’s a market for everything. :smile:


Can’t even count how many people I’ve showered, washed, rinsed etc. over four decades. (Hey! I count me too! Washing me is not that pleasant!) The trick was, of course, not to get wet one’s self. That usually happened.

When I was at Northridge we sometimes used the rehab unit (physical type) on the 3rd floor as they had a shower capable of rolling in a gurney and hosing down, well, just about anything. Had both shower heads and hand-helds, so ambulatory patients could have a nice stand-up shower (eight shower heads!) or those others could be cleansed. So me and another nurse were washing one of our patients who was - in addition to being a bit schizoid - recovering from a back surgery. Nice guy, no problem at all. Except maybe the warm water kicked off a medication reaction, as he started having some torticollis (involuntary arching of the back) and oculogyric crisis and such, and that basically set the poor fellow off. Soap, shampoo, conditioner, plastic wrap, an agitated patient, an idiot co-worker who panicked, a gurney, some towels, same patient with pre-injured back, slippery tile - paint your own mental picture. It was five minutes of slapstick at the water park.

And now you know why I learned where every stock of scrubs were kept.

But wash ourselves? I should think not!


How Spike Lee’s ‘BlacKkKlansman’ confronts the legacy of hate and Charlottesville


Looking forward to this, as it took place a bit south, in Colorado Springs. There is still a lot of Klan nastiness in Colorado. Look up connections to the name “Stapleton” (including a current :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: candidate for Governor). There have been a bunch of news stories with the original real guy, who went on to do work with gangs in Utah.

Yeah. Utah has gangs.


This popped up in my Twitter feed this evening:


I wish more did.

I work with a lot of cyclists…


What, why?


Because he worked there.


Thinking about it, maybe the offices I worked in had showers too but I just didn’t know it. I never saw any people walking around with towels and shower gel though.


The first film VFX company I worked for had a whole floor that was called ‘The Shower’ because that’s where the shower was. You had to walk past it to get to your actual office space.

It was great that they had one, but clearly it was a bit of a novelty.


Have to say I am coming around a bit on Jordan P. (although some of his ideas still seem ridiculous to me.) This discussion with Camille Paglia is fascinating. I sorta agree with Paglia in hoping for an asteroid strike to bring on a new ice age if only because it is so damn hot.


A lot of people exercise in and around their work lives. An old friend of my parents -they knew each other through athletics - worked in the same place I did until recently, and when we moved office in the spring the first thing she asked me if there were showers, as she’d regularly go for a run at some point


Exercise? In my days office was just about eating a lot of cake and getting back aches from sitting all the time.


Yeah, lots of people do that now. There was a gym in the business park were just moved out of


Lots of offices have gyms so people can work out before starting work, during lunch or after work (like I used to do a few years ago). It’s very very common in the states.


A lot of employers encourage exercise at part of wellness programs to promote better health, which in turn reduces employee absenteeism and lowers healthcare costs


In newer buildings anyway I think it’s pretty normal everywhere now. All the offices I’ve worked in (all pretty new as it’s the contact centre and tech field) have had them from when I started 20 odd years ago.


which always makes me wonder why universal health care is seen as the work of the commie devil himself, when really it’s roots are in capitalism - healthy citizens means fewer work days lost, longer productivity, and wealthier consumers. Instead, you have a bunch of people much poorer than they need to be, going for the cheapest healthcare coverage which they daren’t use till they get REALLY sick and the whole thing is a disaster.


The healthcare debate isn’t really my thing but I believe the reason folks are against it is they’re afraid the level of care will drop under universal healthcare.

Regardless, prevention (diet, exercise, sleep) need to be emphasized if we want to ensure a healthy society.