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Diversity in Modern Society


Because what I posted is SMART - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely. It’s not a general call for more money, it’s a series of specific ideas that I think target the root cause of the problems minorities face in today’s society. Show me anywhere, in the last two weeks of posts where any other member did the same.

I think it all starts with kids, young kids, and I think you simply need strong parental influences. Those are the core advantages that we’ve spent a thousand posts defining as white privileged (at least in my opinion). A solid loving foundation from 0-10 years old. That’s it.

That many my suggestions are already happening is no surprise - there’s hundreds of thousands of people who want the same thing and have the same ideas. I know they’re already happening, and that they’re making the progress I keep suggesting it taking place. But I think they’re being done piecemeal, and I’d prefer a wholesale approach. The kind of things I listed I believe would get bipartisan support because they tackle the issue from both sides - personality responsibility and social support. And I think it’d make for stronger communities and happier human beings too. They should be Federal programs.


Our managers love the SMART mantra too.

No-one is mentioning magic money other than you Jim.

… and when we have suggested more money needs to be raised, specific suggestions, both theoretical and real-world examples have been provided.

Many of your ‘revolutionary’ ideas are the same, in large part, as programmes Blair and Brown introduced in the UK 20 years ago. They were just beginning to get to the point where the benefits were beginning to be seen when they were hit by the double whammy of the rising impact of austerity, and then active defunding by the current Tory Government.

If you want specific suggestions from me, I’d absolutely start with reinstating the Sure Start programme to its original principles (which, amongst other things didn’t just provide tax-free child care, it provided 10 hours of free childcare, 5 days per week, 48 weeks per year, to those most in need of it) with appropriate levels of funding.

If you want it in more detail, I’ll refer you to the report my colleague - who actually is one of the UK national experts on this topic - wrote last year:

… honestly Jim, I think you’re arguing purely for the sake of it. You’re just saying the same things I said earlier in the thread :slight_smile:

So, we’re agreed - while keeping things broadly revenue-neutral (with the caveat that I’m more happy than you are to raise differential income taxes to pay for specific programmes), we should aim to refocus investment in programmes which support early years, particularly in the areas of education, social welfare, healthcare and public health. We’re both agreed that there are thousands of people more qualified than either of us to address the detail of where that refocusing would need to be done (1% on income tax? 0.05% on payroll tax?) Yes?




What shall we solve next?


World hunger.

We could really spend some of Jeff Bezos’s money on that. :wink:


The Middle East!


How to fix Marvel comics.


Now let’s not get ahead ourselves.


Don’t bite off more than you can chew. :wink:



… I assumed you already had a plan for that.


It doesn’t feel right unless we’re spending that sweet Amazon cheddar to do it. :wink:


I do, but I want them to fail so we can have new characters and Millar (and other indie creators) can take over the world.


That’s part of what I mean when I say we as a society need to change how single parenthood is accepted. We need to get folks to take more responsibility to ensure they don’t become parents or understand that while parenthood is a duty and an obligation, it’s also really awesome.

I don’t want folks to be there that don’t want to be.


One of the challenges people face with celebrating diversity is actually addressing cultural problems in minority communities. There are bad habits communities have developed that are passed along generation by generation. For example, African Americans aren’t just hobbled by punitive policing and lack of investment. Cultural resistance to preparing for and acquiring the necessary habits and skills to take advantage of schooling and advance in employment and business - and just managing a household budget - is endemic and self-perpetuating.

Instead of thinking of national policy, governments should focus small scale on the communities promoting programs inside those specific communities to support them and to connect them to nearby communities and resources as well. Instead of federal programs, federal support and coordination of local programs would probably reap greater benefits from education to social problems like drug addiction.


I’d just like to point out that it’s hilarious to me that the idea of Jeff Bezos voluntarily spending 1/4 of a day’s earnings to replace all of the water pipes in Flint is 1) completely implausible and 2) if compulsory, could be described as “wealth redistribution”.


Honestly the whole idea of Bezos repairing water pipes seems random and weird… I mean, if you had said roads, bridges and whatnot, sure… but like, why water pipes?? :smile:


I wasn’t trying to make any serious comment on your suggestions. I was just making a stupid joke. Sorry if it seemed otherwise.


Flint has a serious lead problem with their municipal water system. It’s mainly down to old leadened pipes.


What you’re talking about is already being done, whether it’s programs like Head Start, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and more. Here are the results you get just from searching “youth programs in Detroit”


I’ll assume you’re unaware of the Flint water crisis?