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Diversity in Modern Society


Most of rural America would be grateful for an ugly factory again. What they actually get are the things urban areas really don’t want like prisons.


Damn Chinese!!


What would that disruption look like? What should rich white people, those with all the advantages, what should they do different?

Not try to build the best lives for themselves? Not gives their kids every head start? Not move to nice neighborhoods?

What should a rich white person do differently? If you’re going to blame them, what are you blaming them for?


First, like I said, I’m not at that point. But in this scenario it isn’t about what they should or shouldn’t do. It’s about protests, civil unrest, riots, etc., until desired change occurs. I don’t know what the end result would be, either. Things that I would consider “disruptive change” in the past would include the labor movement resulting in a 40 hour work week, minimum wages, and unionized employment, integration of the work force, both in terms of women and minorities who were previously excluded, integration of schools. All of these things disrupted the lives of those who were generally unaffected by the issues prior to that. The future could look like more of the same.

As to what could be done to address some of these issues prior to reaching that point? I honestly don’t know if it’s possible.

If we’re just talking about the actual rich white person, there’s probably plenty of things they could do. For a literal fraction of his wealth (like, a 1/4th of a day’s earnings) Jeff Bezos could pay to replace every single water pipe in Flint, affecting the lives of an entire city.

Just for fun I looked up the number of high school graduates in the US in 2018 - it was 3.6 million.

Average cost of tuition per year at an in-state public university? $10,000. So to pay for five years of college for every one of those students it would cost around 180 billion dollars, which sounds like a lot of money. I then looked up the 10 richest people in the US. If each of them contributed 18 billion dollars they could pay for an undergraduate degree for every single high school graduate in the US in 2018. And the least wealthy of those ten would still be worth an estimated 30 billion dollars afterwards. Jeff Bezos, the wealthiest, would still be worth around 90 billion, and he’d make back what he spent in about 3 months. And that’s just a crazy hypothetical involving 10 rich white people.


So all this talk about white advantage and fighting it and you’re suggesting taking money from the very richest people in America as a fix? All these protests and it’s just a handful of people that should be paying attention?

You know Jeff Bezos has a shitty childhood and had hardly advantages handed to him right? How’s this about balancing the scale? It looks like just a money grab. The government has far more money that Bezos. Why not just say give more government money to minorities?


Please show me where I suggested any of those things. Literally the first thing I said is “I’m not at that point”. I later said, “there’s probably plenty of things they could do” and I did so because you brought up “a rich white person” when I was talking about people at a level of privilege who don’t want disruption (and included myself, a poor grad student, in that group).

As a side note, I’d love a childhood shitty enough for my parents to send me to Princeton and loan me $300,000 to start a company.

Additional note: in neither of my hypotheticals do I even suggest “taking money” from anyone. In the first I said that Bezos could pay to replace the pipes, and in the second I said “if each of them contributed”.


You say white people wouldn’t like the disruption, but you can’t say what that would be or what they’d do different. That’s pretty confusing.


You know what would fix that? Tariffs.


I’m not equiped to talk specifics about the US (even less for Detroit specifically) numbers and details, tbh, so I’m gonna bow out of all that… However, do let me adress this:

So, is this one hypotetical solution for you? Or did I misunderstand? Because to be honest this would be like the most backwards way of approaching the problem… Wouldn’t it be a lot smarter to force your frickin gvmt. to do something about those infamous ridiculous school prices instead of having a bunch of billionaires donate money? =/


It was just a thought thst occurred in response to Jim’s question about what rich white people could do. I thought of something that sounded impossible, like paying for college for every high school grad, looked up numbers and did the math, then shared it because I was surprised how feasible it would actually be. It’s really just that 10 people could have that level of impact that easily on the lives of millions kind of blew my mind.


Its a hypothetical example. Money is a form of power, I assume we all agree on that? It can do incredible things.


I sort of agree but you’d have to do it through taxes. Just lift taxes to a level where government can subsidize every promising student whose parents can’t afford it.

There are also scholarships though. I don’t know if every poor student with potential can get a scholarship.


Most scholarships are already voluntarily provided by rich white men who want to see poor students do better.

I’m sure some of them could be squeezed for more, though :expressionless:


Scholarships tend to be legacy projects now, the people who started them are long dead.

The Rhodes Scholarship is definitely named after a rich white man; Cecil Rhodes.

His original aims were quite interesting;

“the furtherance of the British Empire, for the bringing of the whole uncivilised world under British rule, for the recovery of the United States, for the making the Anglo-Saxon race but one Empire.”

Those are no longer the goals. They even accept women these days!


Well, yeah - that’s essentially the plan on our side. But some people think that taxing rich people and corporations is bad.

Money’s there to be grabbed:


Hahaha. That wasn’t exactly the direction I was going. Only one of the manufacturing facilities, a Florsheim Shoe factory, in my hometown went to China. One of them, a Bunny Bread Bakery, actually went to Indiana. :wink:


Damn Indians!


I am appalled.


For most of this thread I’ve suggest the root of diversity challenges is poverty, not race or class or sex. And repeatedly that’s been challenged. Yet here we are and we’ve arrived at higher taxes to pay for further education.

I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.


I’ve consistently said that it isn’t just about money. The only reason I mentioned money in this instance was the specific question of “rich white people” and in my scenarios the money was given voluntarily, not taxed. I’m response to what to do about racism I’ve said more than once that I don’t have an answer and don’t know that there is one.