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Diversity in Modern Society




Yeah. Basically everyone is entitled to their day in court. Everyone. Even if they’re a sleaze.


The problem, in this case, is that the proper channels also seem to be the people who are the problem.


I’m not sure. Part of the story surrounding the person appears to be that they were demoted a couple of years back as a result of this behaviour. But as with other aspects of the story this seems a bit vague and unverifiable.


Typos on the covers… classic DC, right? :smile:

*No but seriously, shut up and give me a break! =P


I don’t know if that’s necessarily the case. Warner Brothers is a big corporation, I expect they have a very robust HR department and very clear employee conduct expectations.

I fully expect the comics industry have their secrets, sometimes not so well kept. And I’d expect that lots of people don’t do anything because it’s a small industry really and connections matter. However, if you can’t make your peace with something you see, talking about it in public without getting specific is a double negative - you won’t fix anything but you still tar yourself and someone who can’t be trusted with the industries sins. Honestly the right way to go about this was quietly and internally, I expect a big corporation to address these concerns if they’re formally discussed.

And on the subject of the behavior itself, the industry still really needs to grow up in many ways. Other industries wouldn’t put up with this crap, and absolutely part of that is due to not having powerful diversity running things.


Also, wouldn’t the “proper channels” in this instance be like a lawyer or something? Sounds like she’s got proof… shouldn’t she go with the legal route? I dunno…

I agree with Jim that the industry probably still has a long way to go… But as with any other industry, we’re talking about hundreds, even thousands of other people working in it who are probably mostly all good people who don’t do that sort of crap, but do get tarred as a whole when people start throwing accusations like this and, while they’re reprehensible actions, they’re on the part of what, 5 or 6 people out of thousands?

For better or worse Marvel & DC have been trying to course correct on a lot of these issues, wether one agrees with their “success rate” or not… These kind of articles paint a ver piss poor picture of the whole industry and by extension all people who work in it, and I don’t see how it helps things in any useful way.


I may be misunderstanding things but it seems like DeCampi was not personally harassed by the DC editor. She is relaying stories that she heard from people allegedly with direct knowledge of the occurrences. She does not have any hard proof beyond hearsay. Therefore, she can’t name names without getting sued and the burden of proof would be on her. Could some or all of the truth come out in the process of the lawsuit? It’s possible but it’s a hell of a gamble and it could cost her in so many ways.

If she had been personally harassed by the editor, criminal and civil action could have been taken.

I may wrong in how I’m reading this.


A good thing I like to keep in mind is that Marvel and Dc are far from perfect. Some of the business stuff that happens at their individual company’s is really awful, business tactics, trademark disputes, pay for comic creator’s etc.
Kind of the reason I put myself with indie comics, I still get to read great comics without the screwed up stuff behind the curtains.
I still read Dc(sometimes Marvel) because I generally love allot of their series and creators but one lesson I’ve taught myself is to not be a blind fan and completely adore a company you read, no company is perfect.

P.S Can’t believe Sensation is ending :frowning: I read some of it, it was really awesome. The current Wonder Woman run isn’t doing to good in the writing department, art however is very enjoyable with David Finch.


To be fair on the Sensation Comics thing, DC did identical books for Batman and Superman with short out of continuity stories and they ended or went on hiatus too. The Batman one came back for a short while and then disappeared again.

I find it very annoying that DC seem to stop or pause these books with no notice or explanation but it’s pretty consistent with their behaviour overall on the digital first books.


Well, for sure, and that’s the part that really requires “courage”… Hiding behind click-bait-y gossip columns to cover her ass from lawsuits is not courageous at all… I have a feeling that if this had been posted by a male creator, the discussion would be quite different… but hey, I might be wrong… what do I know? u_u


Very true, I gotta seriously buy them


Male creators probably don’t have to deal (as much) with editors trying to have sex with them.


There are many types of harassement, unfortunately. Plus I’m sure there’s plenty of gay creators/employees (everyone always forgets about the non creator employees it seems).


Hey everyone.

So I’m doing a dissertation about DC and Women particularly characters from the Batman mythos, exploring how portrayals of changed and if it’s for better or worse.

You guys might have talked about it elsewhere but what do you guys think of new 52 Harley Quinn? Or even just Harley’s comics presence in general?


This seems relevant to this thread:

The final issue of Mockingbird is out today, and has this cover:

A certain segment of the internet was not happy and took their anger out on the book’s writer, Chelsea Cain.

Andrew Wheeler writes:

[quote]Near as I can tell, here is what happened. Mockingbird #8 features this cover by Joelle Jones. That made the comic’s author, Chelsea Cain a target for anti-feminist harassment, to the point where Cain is reviewing her options regarding both comics and Twitter.

Speculation: I think odds are good that some meninist sub-Reddit went looking for a cover to target as a response to the Riri controversy.

Of course, the Mockingbird cover accurately represents the book and its lead character. And there’s the real problem; it’s feminist.

The Spider-Woman cover did not reflect the book. It took a feminist hero and put her in a recycled pose that Manara uses to show submission. The Spider-Gwen pastiche(s) (he’ll make as many as you can afford) did the same to a teenage female hero designed for younger readers.

The Batgirl cover, a gorgeous, powerful piece, victimized a hero in a book that was about rebuilding her life. It did not reflect the book. And the Riri cover simply showed no respect for the character. It slotted a design for a black girl over a standard “sexy lady” wireframe.

None of those covers reflected the books or respected their female heroes. The Mockingbird cover does both of those things. But there, again, is the problem. The people harassing Cain don’t understand the value of respecting women. It only ruins their porn.[/quote]


Oh, so that’s what it’s about?

I’ve just read some long rants about how all comics fans are misogynist arseholes, and obviously some incident had triggered them, but as I don’t go looking for comics “news” I didn’t know what it was.

It seems like a weird thing for people to get worked up about :confused:


I doubt a single one of those complainers was actually reading Mockingbird anyway.


Here’s an interesting think piece coming out of the stuff happening with the Mockingbird comic from a CBR writer who previously wrote an article called Fandom Is Not Broken.



It is a good piece.

I think the point is well made that it doesn’t happen in novels but has happened in comics and computer games because they are areas of traditional male domain. In fact I’d even say superhero comics as the alternative scene has actually been putting out overtly feminist stuff for decades to little or no reaction.

It’s an expansion of where I was coming from with my quip a couple of posts up. Marvel puts out a shitload of comics every month, more than anyone with a modicum of a life could ever read. However there’s a level of ownership on it all that people get up in arms when there’s one with content they don’t like. Unlike in most media where you’d just choose to read/watch something else.