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Diversity in Modern Society

She wrote for a digital comic that she points out was part of a different office. The masthead is where the writer, artist and inker are listed so her point seems to be that there are no women working in those capacities on Superman/wonder woman comics that come from the Superman office. Her point seems to be multifaceted and not just about his physical harassment since she also brings up whether a proper representation of a strong female hero can be created under such an editor as well as diversity representation.

Either way it’s a small point in the larger context. It just stuck out when I initially read it.


I wouldn’t say she’s being “courageous”… If she were being courageous she’d name names and be done with it… As it is I agree with the gossip-like nature of the article. It’s bad form on her part.

Plus the use of the “cis/het” term won’t score any points with me…


Do you see white, black, gay, or tall as wrong, too?

I think the difference is that those words are accepted by all communities as being straightforwardly descriptive and free of derogatory connotations.

“Cis/het” or “cishet” is quite a new term and there is still a certain amount of controversy about its acceptability and meaning, especially among the community it describes.


It does not really matter who this individual might be. Creating a culture of exclusion is one of the matters Human Resources was created to fix. Now, if some dude had dropped his tongue down my girlfriend’s throat, I would simply have to go all Batman on him, including the dropping him out of a 36th story window just to define defenestration. Some people behave badly. If a valued employee, perhaps some short-term focused therapy. If that does not work, perhaps a short termination notice.

The thing is, DC Comics is part of Time-Warner, and there are many layers to administration. Doubtless, without going too far, one will find a female HR exec or just a plain ol’ female executive who takes a very dim view indeed of such behavior, There certainly are a lot of alternatives!


Not even close to being the same thing because of context… the whole “cisgender” thing is part of the harcore/radical feminist movement’s vocabulary unfortunately… I can’t hear the word “cis” without remembering the crazy “die cis scum” chick. As Dave says, it’s used with derogatory connotations, so it’d be more comparable to the n and the f word instead of black and gay. Edit: Notice the term “comparable”, before anyone accuses me of equating the terms (which I’m not).

Mind you, I’m not offended by it… what I mean is that whenever anyone uses that sort of vocabulary you know very well what’s their thing, which in this instance I don’t agree with. Still, I’m amazed to see people call this column an act of valour when it’s actually an act of cowardice just on the merits that she’s a “lady creator” (so much for gender equality :slight_smile: ), but hey… to each their own I suppose.




It’s never good when someone does not feel safe in a work environment. It really isn’t great when an office that is suppose to represent “Truth, Justice and the American Way” doesn’t provide a safe place. It’s really reprehensible.

I wouldn’t argue against it but would be careful with that one due to the source cited.

I know it’s still not the easiest thing to feel like you can report these things without repercussion. In this instance, it does sound like there have been reports with minimal action. However, most larger corporations have a reporting channel for harassment that is independent of the the management structure. I’m not sure I would always trust how independent it is but there are usually things in place.

Personally, I am inclined to believe de Campi. It helps that her story has been reblogged by others like Gail Simone. It gives some corroboration to the arguments. It is possible that she didn’t mention names because she is used to the much stricter British laws for libel.

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I don’t think the issue whether or not to believe her. For me, the issue is why she would expose misconduct by dropping semi-clear hints on tumblr about it, inspiring gossip and speculation.


Um… actually CIS/Trans is an adaption from organic chemistry terminology taken by the Transgender community to denote the difference between transfolk and natal-gendered folk.

If anything the Transgender community and radical feminists have massive conflicts, well outside of the boundaries of mainstream feminism.

The blog “Transgriot” has many articles about the conflicts between transwomen and radical feminists.

Cis is not a radical feminist term, not at all.


That’s true. Maybe I worded it wrong. I meant that I’m inclined to believe what she is saying is true. The way she says it makes it sounds like she didn’t witness these things directly but had heard it from several people. At least from a legal perspective, that makes it hearsay. That doesn’t mean I’m discounting it. It just puts a layer of burden into the argument.


Please read the introduction to this topic before posting. Thank you.


I would also remind everyone about associating specific names to allegations. This is an international board and the laws vary from country to country.

Remember, this is Mark Millar’s board. It is his generosity and graciousness that allows us to even come together here. Please be mindful of that and be respectful of him, the purpose of this board and of each other.


I think this is very important to bear in mind. Even if you do think you know what and who is being talked about here, they’re still just allegations - and in a lot of cases second-hand allegations at best - so I think we should be very wary of getting drawn into a detailed discussion of this particular case when none of us can say we know the truth of the matter.


Yes no naming names here unless there’s a conviction or a confession. To be fair nobody has so keep it up.

While it’s unlikely anyone will care what is said here we’ll let other people take those risks.


I agree. Though I think these kind of discussions are important to illuminate this kind of harassment and make it clear that it is not OK. It pains me that is not already clear but evidently some things have to be pointed out.


Yes, I wouldn’t want to be misunderstood: I’m not saying that I’m against such allegations being made. But I think they should be made through the proper channels rather than insinuated through gossip and innuendo.

That said, I can understand how some people might feel that those processes are stacked against them, and that this is the only way to make your voice heard.

However, tying it into a criticism of the lack of gender diversity in DC editorial does make for a bit of a murky discussion, especially when the truth of the harassment allegations isn’t known.


On diversity in general: I might have posted this before, but the moment when the importance of diversity in comics really hit home for me was when I went to the MM signing that was held in my city earlier this year and saw first-hand how diverse the comics readership is.

You couldn’t imagine a more diverse group of fans in terms of race, gender and age. It was a stark contrast to the image that the mainstream has of the archetypal comics fan, and as someone who hardly goes to any comics events I was really surprised by just how diverse the crowd was.

It made me realise how old-fashioned the trends are that pervade the industry, and how important it is for more to be done to ensure that the diversity of the audience is reflected back onto the page. A really illuminating experience.


I used to balk at the idea of diversity in comics too. Going to conventions and starting to see some of the other work out there changed my mind. I mean I’m a white, almost middle age, American male and I loved Ms. Marvel. If the diversity of creators and stories reflect the diversity of the fandom, I think comics could really be a trendsetter in that area. It really is an instance where diversity helps everyone. It’s why I think decrying instances where that is stifled is important.


And I believe you… however I’ve only ever heard that term in the context I laid out. Mind you, I don’t necessarily stumble across a lot of trans community related content on a regular basis, whereas I seem to stumble across a lot more feminist content where those word are used. So let’s chalk it up to personal experience… Whatever the origin of the usage of the word, there seems to be an appropriation going on at any rate…

As for the DeCampi article… I just don’t think throwing vague but still pretty dammaging allegations onto the public arena is either useful, helpful and even less courageous.

In my opinion she’s doing more dammage overall than anything else. I’d certainly fire anyone who behaved like that within my company.

As some others have said, if what she’s saying is true, and I have no reason to doubt her, it’s a rather important issue that should be dealt with on the proper channels… And if she’s gonna be going public with it, she should be calling the culprits out… because otherwise she’s just creating gossip and rumour-mongering that doesn’t help her cause and has the potential of dammaging a lot of her innocent co-workers and other employees. Among other things.

I’m criticizing her choice of procedure, not the fact that she’s speaking out against it, to clear out any misunderstanding.

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