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Diversity in Modern Society


I think this is absolutely fair, but part of my point is that it doesn’t often seem to happen the other way around.

Take the example of Black Panther, say - lots of people (rightly) appreciated that it was welcome to see a predominantly black cast leading a superhero movie like this, with a black lead actor/character.

At the time, I didn’t hear anyone say “yeah he’s black but he’s still a man, they could have made it a black woman instead”. I’m not sure why that is, when both GITS and Captain Marvel have been criticised in that way - and I guess you could argue it both ways.

Either that it shows that race issues are lower down the hierarchy of concerns, so having a black lead is more of a triumph; or that gender issues are lower down the hierarchy of concerns, as evidenced by the fact that people are less celebratory of a female-led movie and are still trying to find ways to criticise it, suggesting it doesn’t have that same broad support.

(It’s also worth noting that I think that Black Panther makes a good effort to introduce more fully-formed - and just more in general - female characters in its supporting cast, and Captain Marvel and GITS both seem to have made an effort to populate their supporting casts with non-white actors, so I think that intersectionality actually is happening even if people are complaining that it isn’t.)


This is so wonderful, it bears reposting all the way down here. Thanks, Rory. :slight_smile: :smiley:


To be fair, the issue with Ghost in the Shell was less “why does this movie have a white woman in the role?” and more “why did they take a story with a Japanese lead and make her white?”, which isn’t exactly the same thing. But there are definitely media critics talking about why there are fewer women of colour - especially black women in leading action movie roles. But they don’t get as much attention as the outrage brigade.

Oddly, when someone recently suggested more diversity in the pool of media critics to get more perspectives that aren’t often highlighted, the right-wing outrage brigade exploded at them.


Anybody heard for mass shooting in mosque in New Zealand? Well, the killer hates Muslims, so he did what he did. However, I went to Daily Mail. The number of red arrows on people’s comments who offer condolences is astonishing!!


Well there’s your problem.


To make more money.

We all know that. Mark Kermode has said more than once that making a big movie without a movie star is bad business, and he’s a pretentious film critic guy! :wink:

It’s worth remember that the GITS casting controversy is entirely in Western societies.

The Japanese are secure in their own cultural expression and not concerned if someone changes something in an adaption.


Yes, and you’ll note I mention that myself a couple of times in the discussion.

Of course, the follow-on question is why are there not more woman action stars, who can quote unquote carry a movie, especially non-white women?


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There’s some fascinating details included in the study. Like that the amount of minorities pulled over in relation to whites dropped after sundown. Or that in states that legalized marijuana the amount of whites pulled over dropped far more than those of minorities.


Are you suggesting the police are getting high after dark? :thinking:


A bit more insight on Colorado reporting would include my town getting a severe lesson in illegal search when the Longmont PD decided to do some training in our version of the Projects. Low-income folks were told they must comply or move out (and most are exactly one hair from homelessness). This was mega-illegal, heads rolled and new people moved into positions of authority. That sort of thing has happened often. There remain strong biases! Another factor is two years ago a system of mental health back-up was initiated. A counselor would go out on calls backed up by patrol officers. This did nothing for months. Then, suddenly (like, almost as if classes had been held in how to do it) mental health holds began being applied. These are called “M-1 holds”, like the “5150” in California, basically 72 hours involuntary hospitalization for being a danger to self, danger to others and/or gravely disabled (unable to provide food, clothing or shelter for one’s self). Now the average is two holds per day in Longmont, population right around100K-110K. Most are for suicide attempts. Result? The deaths have reduced dramatically, from an average of 8-12 per month to 1 per month. (Successful suicides - does not include opiate not meth problems). Homelessness has taken a very slight drop - 5% (just slightly above chance). The addition of some twenty psychiatric beds - which had previously not existed in two counties - helped as well.

I totally believe that study, it’s the fingernail scraping of an endless ball of crap, but a beginning.



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