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Diversity in Modern Society


Salma Hayek says she still faces racism in Hollywood: ‘They can’t believe this Mexican ended up in the life that she has’



Utah may be one of the most beautiful states in the US; too bad it is run by narrowminded bigots.



I’m thinking that all this does is highlight is what we’ve always known: that Internet-based polls are inherently pointless and worthless, and the problem is almost certainly unfixable. Rotten Tomatoes is basically a site that should not exist, and has no need to exist. You want an opinion on something? Ask a friend with similar tastes, or read the opinion of a professional reviewer who you know and understand the mindset of. Crowdsourced reviews aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.


Nah, it works for a good 80% of movies… the problem is the few movies that have a huge focus on them for x or y reason…


Even when it works, is it necessary? What is the actual point of Rotten Tomatoes?

Do you, does anyone, actually use a Rotten Tomatoes score when deciding whether to see a film? Or do you use word of mouth from people you actually know and trust, or TV/newspaper spots by individual reviews you know and trust?

Or is Rotten Tomatoes just there for you look at and feel smug/outraged when it does/doesn’t agree with what you thought about the film?


Well by those same parameters, what IS necessary? :smile:

And no, I don’t use RT, but I do use similar agregators for other stuff, and yes, sometimes I do check user reviews before watching a movie (not RT specifically, but IMDB, which is similar enough)… Maybe some people use RT before going to the movies.


The site seems to be a good gauge for everyone in the movie industry to get a good impression of what the market thought about a movie. In the most part the scores seem to fit in line with the general perception of any given movie. The ranking of the scores for the MCU for example is roughly in line with how the general view seems to be. It’s therefore a valuable and somewhat accurate tool - as good as it gets for the movie industry.

The big dip in Captain Marvel seems to be built on a backlash, but then that’s reflective that Disney created a movie that created that backlash, something they hadn’t done previously. I’ve been saying for a while that Disney have courted publicity for any backlash in a cynical attempt to drum up sales in a ‘stand up to our oppressors’ kind of way that represents slackivism in this modern age. This backlash can’t have been unexpected, and of course on opening weekend we get the perfectly timed ‘look at these bad people’ reports all over the place to drum up support and sympathy. The score reflects that this is their most polarizing movie, and that seems to be by their design.

Plus it might be quite a bad movie - I’ll have to see it if I think that’s the case or not though.


It actually sadly makes a huge difference. I don’t use it but lots of people do.

In the video game industry people lose their jobs over bad metacritic scores.


And thank god for user reviews… 'cause most “industry reviews” for VGs are just… well not very objective sadly… =/

Yes, there’s always biased user reviews, but users aren’t particularly subtle… If they’re just review bombing you can tell.




Interesting that they’re moving ahead after the FBI said that they had significantly overstated their case and didn’t have the evidence they claimed to have.


When has that ever stopped the FBI?
Despite what movies and television think, they are essentially a bunch of wanna-be lawyers who live to litigate people to death.


I think you misunderstand. The FBI said the police had overstated their case and didn’t have the evidence they said they did.



If I were to use RT I’d be looking at the critics score not the user score. For the same reason I ignore IMDB altogether. They seem to be over-representing sad-sack MRA types; if you look at a film with any kind of political bent, or a politically active cast member, the IMDB score will generally be harsher than Metacritic or the proper RT score.


I usually have no interest in professional (traditional) critic reviews, since they tend to be more agenda driven than not… Fortunately I’m smart enough in order to see through troll posts, so I very much prefer user reviews, they tend to be more honest.

IMDB scores tend to be rather accurate, all in all.


I’m not talking about reviews, I’m referring to the scores. How do you look at a Rotten Tomatoes viewer score and know what its real (Troll-less) value is?

Consistently out of step when dealing with “diverse” films. The universally acclaimed Moonlight gets a 99% from Metacritic, a 98% from RT, but a 7.4/10 from IMDB.

The Favourite gets 93%, 90% and 7.7.

Ghostbusters reboot gets 74%, 60% and 5.2.

Black Panther gets 97%, 88% and 7.3.