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Diversity in Modern Society


However the same could be true for men. Men can be dismissed by their doctor, because there is a suspicion they’re malingering, or because the doctor simply has no clue what’s going on. And using Freud as an example and saying he didn’t get women is a bit iffy because Freud was frankly similarly clueless when it came to men.


To be fair for centuries doctors dismissed all manner or suffering. They really were quite incredibly terrible at their jobs. It seems challenges to conventions or new ideas faced considerable opposition. Perhaps only in this era are we reaching a point where we’re getting a fuller understanding of how our bodies work.



There is something I deeply believe when speaking about suffering. That women are more resistant to pain than men.


IIIRC, women naturally have a higher pain tolerance than men due to childbearing.


There’s that, but also things like the difference in early signs of heart attack - if the default approach is how the condition manifests in men, women’s heart attacks might not be diagnosed as early as they can be:

The most common heart attack symptom in women, as with men, is chest pain or discomfort. However, sometimes women have heart attacks and feel no chest pain at all, and women are more likely than men to experience some of the other common symptoms. “Women will present to the ER with more nausea, fatigue and shortness of breath, while men talk about the intense chest pressure,” says Paula Miller, MD, director of the UNC Women’s Heart Program.

The problem is that a car getting a 5 star safety rating based on male-sized crash test dummies needs an asterisk indicating that that rating applies to male drivers/passengers only.

Aside from that, that women generally have to sit closer to the steering wheel (as do shorter men) would have to play a significant part in the effectiveness of the safety equipment.

What of the iPhone Health app that was designed to be all inclusive but didn’t include a period tracker?


Sorry but this is PC culture going mad. It’s a 5’9” 165 lbs dummy. The dummy has no sex. So every driver who’s not that would need the asterisk. Which would be stupid. It ignores that this is an engineering test, every car tested equally and those that did best rated that way because of a standardized test. Highest rating to the best performing. That’s it. Manufacturers have no idea who’s going to drive their car, so they use the average driver. Which is male, 5’9” and 165 lbs. Because that’s the average. Complaining about this is inane. Expecting manufacturers to somehow create customizable safety standards ignores the engineering challenges that come from building safety equipment that deals with incredible forces.

There’s a lot that women can complain about in life. But they’re beyond the bottom of the barrel if this is the latest talking point.


It’s not really PC culture which tends to be about nebulous things like feelings - if the suggestion is that cars are designed to better protect the average man in an accident than the average woman, that’s a legit problem.

Kids were decapitated by front passenger side airbags decades ago - the rules were changed to prevent small children sitting in the front of those vehicles, and/or the airbag deployment systems modified. This isn’t that different.


The United States scored 83.75, placing it outside the global top 50. The United Kingdom achieved a score of 97.5, Germany measured at 91.88, and Australia scored 96.88.
“If women have equal opportunities to reach their full potential, the world would not only be fairer, it would be more prosperous as well,” World Bank Group Interim President Kristalina Georgieva said.

Saudi Arabia’s overall score of 25.63 was the worst in the world, while Sudan, the UAE, Syria, Qatar and Iran all scored below 35.


Belgium, Denmark, France, Latvia, Luxembourg and Sweden.


What of it? It sounds like something completely different to the Viagra story, which was the one I was saying didn’t ring true for me. I wasn’t denying there are circumstances in which women are sometimes discriminated against in the healthcare arena overall.


While we’re on the subject, here’s a good example of a recent victory in campaigning on women’s health:


But everybody knows that there are many more serious ailments that affect men than affect women.

I mean, you never hear of “woman flu” do you? There’s one right there!


I do not see where pain tolerance is due to sex or age or much of anything but individual tolerance, also expressed in an individual manner,

BTW, I can’t stand “crying wolf” or someone in loud hysterics over something relatively minor. Since I had to tolerate my pain stoically and politely, the rest of the world can just do the same damned thing!


The airline shared its new styling guidelines on Monday, stating that flight attendants can choose to go without makeup, but they are welcome to wear lipsticks and foundations from its existing colour palette if they wish to.

The new rules come three years after British Airways changed its dress code to allow both men and women to wear trousers if they choose.


And they don’t actually have to be virgins.


This thread could really use the input of an actual woman.


That’s sexist.


The trousers/skirt thing I can see because a uniform is a uniform, but requiring them to wear makeup is pretty weird, it’s crazy that it’s a policy they’re only now changing.


This is pretty awesome:

There is change happening in Iran, I wonder how things are going to develop there in the coming years. The most disappointing thing about Trump’s presidency for me has been leaving the Iran deal.