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Diversity in Modern Society


Whoever wrote that never lived with girls.


Yeah, no shit.

It’s counterintuitive, but women tend to be bigger slobs than men. I think it might have something to do with the fact that tend to have more clothes (how many shoes do you need?) and more hygeine/beauty products, therefore more stuff in a confined space.

One thing that’s always struck me is that the people who clean public bathrooms regularly say that womens bathrooms are grosser then mens bathrooms because when some women use the toilet they don’t want to sit on it, so they’ll try to hover over it, stand on the seat and squat, or do some other kind of balancing act and end up accidentally peeing on the floor or pooping outside of the toilet.


Most women can hover and pee like an adult so some of that is urban legend.

Girls have a more complex getting ready process and it takes a huge amount of time, so their messes are much larger and stay longer. Plus a guy will wear the same clothes 3 days in a row, a woman will try on 3 different outfits before going out. Appearance is much easier for men.


I won’t argue with that, just saying what makes the most significant difference.

I used to have to do a security check as first in to the building in a bank, that involved checking out every room including the toilets. This was before the cleaners would be allowed in and the ladies was always messier.


It’s a tricky one - some will blame the patriarchy, suggesting that women must present themselves thus or not be treated with respect in public. I’m not kidding or trying to flatter my wife when I tell her that she doesn’t need to wear makeup at all, certainly not just when going in to work - she won’t listen. Similarly, I tell her she doesn’t have to wash clothes after a single wear, especially not in cooler months; there are easily 3 baskets of her laundry/washing for every one of mine.

And yes, I have seen messages in previous workplaces aimed at female staff reminding them not to stand/crouch on the toilet seats (they were leaving clear shoe-marks).

Could very well be.


‘Beale Street’ talks: Baldwin knew then what we know now


That’s because most men don’t care about a woman’s makeup or dress that much. We’re mostly simple creatures who just don’t care. Women take care of their appearance so much because of other women.


Like any civilised person should!


That sounds like a challenge!


I’m surprised she doesn’t tell you to fuck off.


She probably does.


That’s called lack of self confidence.


Look, I’d just like to say we’re not deliberately excluding women from prog rock audiences. We’d love it if more women liked lengthy pieces of art music with complex harmonics and polyrhythms, time signatures that that you can’t dance to, and impenetrable philosophical lyrics. Unfortunately, they don’t, but that’s not our fault.


Is that because there were only two women there?



Cue that Dave Chapelle skit…


Chappelle’s skit is actually based on his grandfather. (He wasn’t a white supremacist but was blind and light skinned but didn’t know it because of the blindness and didn’t realize he was being threatened by other African Americans one day because of it.)


Why would she? I’m trying to save us both time. The sooner she’s ready, the sooner we can leave.

More from that article/book:

When Viagra — sildenafil citrate — was tested initially as heart medication, its well-known properties for men were discovered. “Hallelujah,” said Big Pharma, and research ceased. However, in subsequent tests the same drug was found to offer total relief for serious period pain over four hours. This didn’t impress the male review panel, who refused further funding, remarking that cramps were not a public health priority.


Disinclined to trust an article that contradicts itself in consecutive sentences :confused:


It sounds like they’re making a purely business decision. If a drug isn’t likely to have a market big enough to justify further funding then they’re doing their job correctly. I would expect female executives to make the same decision.

The wider question is probably why the issue isn’t a public health priority, what mechanisms could be explored to recognise it more prominently and secure funding for treatments, how such treatments should be evaluated by payers and health technology assessment bodies, and so on.