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Diversity in Modern Society


Women pee in sinks too


Let’s not forget that men also sometimes get troughs too.


Sure, but it’s easier for us as we don’t have to hop up on the counter and hope it holds.


Or if you’re very tall.


Or have very low sinks.

And standards.


Yah, it was literally only the sign that caused me a problem :smiley:


You’ve never been to an office, restaurant, store or any public place that only had one bathroom available? Everywhere has a ladies and mens? It might be a British building standards thing, I can’t remember, but single bathroom places are incredibly common in the US.


In our new City Hall, we have two for staff:


You have to factor in that David resides in 1973. Last week he’d never heard of Angus beef despite it being in promos for burger chains for the last 10 years. Here’s a badly reproduced ad from 7 years ago which specifies that it’s made from Angus cow breed beef.

I saw unisex lavs in the UK 25 years ago.


The Royal Court theatre in London has changed its toilets from “Ladies” and “Gents” to “Cubicles” and “Urinals and Cubicles”.

The world has not ended


Urinals and Cubicles, the two genders.


I know women who pee in urinals. And dudes who sit to pee.

The true division should be #1 and #2 bathrooms.


Has no one here watched Episode 13.6 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, “The Gang Solves the Bathroom Problem”?

“I didn’t know she was gonna smash in there! A woman is not a lady when she’s dumping up a john.”

  • Frank Reynolds


My favorite pair of bathroom signs (in a Philadelphia restaurant, IIRC) was “Pointers” and “Setters”.


Even without the different facilities, the mechanics of how we go about it make urinating from go to whoa a quicker/shorter process - 2.3 times as long (as mentioned in the article) is a significant difference.

I can vouch for it anecdotally, wife and I will often take a toilet break at the same time while out shopping, agreeing out meet out front. Almost always I end up waiting for her.

The toilet thing is the most immediately understandable but far more serious are the car designs and security/safety equipment.


A friend of mine went to a prog rock concert last year and said the line for the men’s room was significantly longer than for the women.


That’s clearly a lie.

Prog rock isn’t a real thing.


I don’t think they’re very common. They’re usually in places where floorspace is a premium, or have low volume of foot traffic. Places like small convenience stores, laundromats, doctor/dentist offices, etc. Most places like stores and restaurants usually have separate mens and womens bathrooms, a few even have a third “family” option that’s basically a unisex bathroom that people can take their children into without feeling weird.

I would wager that, of all of times I’ve gone into a public restroom, less than 1% of times its been a unisex one.


Possibly women might have more objections to unisex lavatories than anyone.


Any excuse: