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Diversity in Modern Society


I think we need more performance art in the Olympics.


Watch the wrestling.



I don’t see it affects their (RM) play.


It could have been worse, he could have been subtitled.


Worst case scenario: He is actually Scarlett Johansson.


So it’s a Welshwashing scandal?


What sort of a tit goes to the media to gossip about his team mate like that? What a small minded wanker.



It’s at least partly exaggerated too. There are videos of Bale speaking Spanish in interviews, it sounds a bit rough but he is speaking in full sentences and answering the questions. It sound like Marcelo has some personal beef with him to say he can’t speak any at all and needs hand gestures.

Real Madrid is a bitchy club anyway, they are always moaning and backstabbing like teenage girls despite the fact, or more probably because, they are all paid silly money. Luckily players don’t necessarily need to get on. Andy Cole hated Teddy Sheringham at Man Utd so much he literally never spoke a word to him but they were in the most successful team that club has ever had.


Honestly, rhythmic gymnastics, specifically the group events, is the best thing you will ever see on your television. It’s literally the only event I make sure to watch at every Olympics. Just so good.



Following the reaction to the Birmingham school teaching LGBT+ inclusive lessons a few weeks ago, great to see such a clear statement from Ofsted on this.

I always find it really revealing that people think talking about LGBT+ people is all about “what happens in the bedroom”. It’s a strange obsession with sex that often permeates this “debate”.

Teaching primary school children about LGBT+ issues is about teaching them that the kid with two mums or two dads comes from just as “normal” a family as anyone else: a message of understanding, acceptance and tolerance.


He’s been blacklisted from cons in Ireland for over a decade, based on his behavior here at one of the first Eirtakons.


To switch topic: I wonder if the person who called SWAT on Alterna will ever face charges for the wrongdoing.



Official launch

Plus, Dr Ranj :grin:



Yeah, the real point is that the difference between individual relationships is far greater than any difference between heterosexual and homosexual relationships in general.

However, I would not call same-sex relationships normal. I’m actually wary of the whole cult of normality that has been generally accepted and promoted long before I was born. I think it’s central to problems with tolerance.

Essentially, what is normal? For most people, that means what you encounter most often becomes what you expect to encounter most often. Normal is common. Homosexuals and homosexual relationships are not common. They are actually a very small percentage of the population and the subset of transgender and other variations on sexual “norms” is even less common.

Telling someone that this is “normal” when they are likely to know more gay characters in fiction than real life is not being entirely honest. I think it is using the cult of normality for a political end when the elevation of normality is actually something that should be challenged when it comes to diversity.

The central idea is that normal is good and that anything that deviates from that - the unusual and uncommon - is de facto abnormal and that is bad. However, the truth is that nothing is normal. When it comes to individuals, their sexual orientations have really little to do with their specific desires and how they seek to find satisfaction in life. Normal is not intrinsically healthy or unhealthy and really even if normal actually existed, hardly anyone would want to be it.

However, the idea that normal is what “should be” good leads to a lot of bigotry against the unusual and unfamiliar. Even minority groups and cultures that are persecuted by bigotry are also filled with bigotry against others because of the norms of those cultures.


In this little country Wilders’s anti Islamic party is losing members to the enemy…this is the second one to convert to Islam!

He’s still a moron so I doubt he’ll be one of the good Muslims.