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Diversity in Modern Society


I think it’s a bit crazy to expect everyone running for public office to expose everything they’ve ever done in their private life up front so people can scour them to look for anything offensive. We’d all be better off if people were big enough to accept an apology and only call for resignations over serious issues.


I’m all for sincere apologies. I see nothing sincere about an apology given for the purpose of damage control or as a way to avoid consequences (especially when the only real consequence is not being able to continue doing that one particular job). Everyone’s going to have their own line, though.


To get back to my earlier posting…

I heard that some who have immigrated feel intimidated by English and just don’t get into a formal education setting. People can complain about not learning the language in view of the time but it is just not that simple. Besides most Americans born here don’t speak a second language so who are they? :smile:


Yeah but as an immigrant you need to comunicate with the natives… I mean, it shouldn’t be a legal requirement or anything, because some people are just shit with languages… buuut people who refuse to even learn some words sort of show a refusal to embrace the country and the culture they’re coming to… and showing that lack of willingness to integrate can rub a lot of people the wrong way.


Funny that this is kind of what Liam Neeson has done - it’s not like someone revealed his thoughts against his wishes; he volunteered the information himself. Could be he’s never told anyone else about his thoughts, so he could have gone to his grave with absolutely no one knowing he temporarily felt that way.


Yes, and that’s why, for me, Neeson, Gunn, and even Kevin Hart are people I wouldn’t write off, even if I can see the logic in the consequences they’ve faced (with Marvel and the Oscars, respectively), or can understand why others might not feel the same way.


People who don’t need to learn another language. If an American moves to Italy and refuses to learn Italian they’re an asshole.


And, again, a lot of these opinions are about people in “newsworthy” situations that don’t reflect the mostly ignored reality of everyday violence. Instead of Neeson, for example, think about the woman who claimed to be raped. Or a wife or woman who was battered by her boyfriend or husband. Or a man who was beaten for being mistaken for being a rapist. The average person’s experience with being the victim of violence is pretty harsh. Even if they report it and the accused attacker is arrested chances are he will be back on the street in a couple of days awaiting a trial that might take place months later. The victim will have no protection and there is a good chance the criminal will see little or no jail time.

That’s the reality for most victims of violent crime. You could get mugged and be left with brain damage for the rest of your life and chances are the attacker won’t be arrested and even if they are and go to prison, they will be out of jail in a few years.


There’s also the matter of whose perspective is being listened to at a particular moment. Some took Neeson’s comments and identified with the concern for a friend and desire to punish someone. Others responded from a position of being the victim of a man who was looking to enact violence on someone because of the color of their skin and their gender.


There is a deeply disturbing terror ingrained in us that seems to feel the response to violence is supposed to be violence. So often you hear people say that if anyone hurt someone they love, they would hurt that person.

But that’s just not sane or healthy. What people do is they stay and take care of the person they love who’s been hurt. They don’t go running off on some quest for vengeance, and if they do, we all know it’s just going to make everything worse. So why do we even think about it?


Because we’ve read too many comics.


These instincts grew through evolution I believe, when there was no framework of law and police to deal with certain dangers. If no one is coming to protect you, you may have to fight to deal with someone who could do harm.

These days we should know better and we need to strive to remove the danger from our society in other ways, and ideally rehabilitate the evildoer. But the urge is still there. And I think especially in cases where law enforcement is seen as inadequate those urges can explode into violence.

It’s kinda funny this question is asked on a comic book forum…:slight_smile: With Batman and the Punisher and similar characters comic books deal with this problem a lot of the time. The Punisher would be a very different character if he just wanted to have a talk with criminals, and help them lead a more honourable life.


I haven’t read a whole lot about it but from what I can tell the VA governor’s three different reasons/excuses come across as at best insincere - I haven’t seen any of them but he’s not doing himself any favors.


Each time I’ve been to a different country and made an attempt at their language the people were more than willing to help me, some even go out of their way to assist if needed.

My friends that didn’t make that attempt didn’t have the same experience.


I always make an effort to learn a little bit of a language when I visit a country I haven’t been to before, it certainly makes a difference.


Even just making the attempt makes a good impression, I think. Especially when it comes to polite greetings, learning to say please and thankyou, the basics essentially. It’s just good manners.


Yeah, it’s mostly phrases. I try to learn how to greet people, how to tell them where I’m from, how to order things in a restaurant, some common words and verbs and a bit about how to form a sentence. With Indo-European languages it’s pretty easy, Japanese, Arabic and Hungarian were harder.


That doesn’t narrow the field down very much :thinking:

(Edit to make it more obvius that Todd was quoting, not saying, that.)


Infamously makes them sound like Westboro.


Anybody see last week’s episode of *Black Lightning"? The confrontation between the new principle and Anissa was epic, as was Jefferson’s talk with the man afterwards. Best representation of “white privilege” I’ve seen in years.