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Diversity in Modern Society


Are you calling Lorcan a bitch?


His preferred adjective is asshole.


Here I’ve been calling him fuckwit all this time. Thanks for correcting me Will.


She clearly gave her gender expression.

I mean, you could have just asked. It’s polite.


What a coincidence, that’s what we call you as well.


After reading this graphic novel, I’d be leading the riots!


(It’s quite the tear jerker).


Who’s Laika?


Nobody. She was quite unique.


My high school English teacher would deduct 5 points from your grade for putting a qualifier in front of “unique”.

Lucky for you, she died.


Are you sure she’s dead? Did you see the body?


Well then maybe she should’ve put more qualifiers in front of “unique”… sounds healthier…


Your teacher may have been correct in US English but I defer to Fowler for British English:

The adverbs that unique can tolerate are e.g. quite, almost, nearly, really, surely, perhaps, absolutely, or in some respects

(Fowler 1926; I use the second edition revised by Gowers 1965)


I suspect it’s all a stylistic choice. :smile:


I think there should be fewer reliance on stylistic choices in writing.



When I was in grade school I would read books about space exploration written for children.

When it came to Laika, a couple of the books said that she was recovered safely, a couple said she was euthanized humanely, and others skirted the issue.

I always figured the ones that said she made it back to Terra Firma safely were lying.


She flew straight to doggy heaven.


Y’all should read Manhattan Projects.


Shadowcat is calling out Starlord!


That dog Laika died for the benefit of floating in zero gravity space.

On the other hand:


There have been a lot rumors about creepy goings on at that Hillsong church on the Hollywood gossip/blind item sites.