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Diversity in Modern Society


It doesn’t feel right, but I’d rather let rapists walk than let the law convict someone accused on shaky evidence. In this specific case however I don’t see why evidence from previous trials wasn’t allowed to be taken into consideration.

There is a psychological mechanism which is dangerous, we have an urge to point fingers, paint specific people as evildoers to protect the innocent. Create solid borders between the good guys and the bad guys. When someone accuses somene else of something as shocking as rape we tend to want to believe them because we feel the need to “right the wrong”, to punish the evildoer and protect the innocent, to wipe the streets clean from this filth.

It’s like the natural instinct of the mother bear to protect her cubs from predators. It seems beneficial when you’re rooting for the cubs, however it’s bad news when you’re the one who is accused of something and angry mother bear comes at you wanting to rip out your throat.


I agree, the balance of course has to be weighted in this direction.

If that evidence has been tested and failed, then it’s understandable why it wouldn’t be able to be relied on again in another case.


Switching gears:

I have heard both sides of this argument about immigrants who have come to the US, been here 20 years, and either still don’t speak English or a very rudimentary or “broken” English.

Thoughts? Opinions?


Those who can learn another language, more power to them! Cool! I’m miserably monolinguistic. Tried, just doesn’t “click”. Multilingualism is a gift. Can’t really expect everyone to have a gift, eh? Then it wouldn’t be much of a gift.


Your question ties in with the outrage resulting from what I thought was a perfectly fine (not racist) comment:



I need a facepalm emoticon…


Spaceflight is human? Why do they discriminate against Laika? Damn speciesist.


Not sure if shooting a dog into space and letting her suffocate is really the hill you want to die on


Let’s not dwell on the negative. :wink:


It’s the hill he died on.


Technically, it wasn’t a hill he died on.


Technically you’re not a hill.


Your face is a hill someone died on.


Only technically.


Can you imagine if someone sent a dog into space where it’d die in today’s environment? We were whipping our dicks out for Harambe, Lord know what we’d do for the space puppy. There’d be riots in the streets.


Technically it was because gravity curves spacetime.


If you mean Laika, she was a girl


I think you’re jumping to conclusions there. Did anybody actually ask hir what zie preferred?


Also: bitch.