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Diversity in Modern Society


What is “white culture”? I’m curious how you define that, 'cause I’m pretty sure white people have different cultures in the US.


Broadly speaking, and for the purposes of a conversation about assimilation in the US, I’d say Christian, English-speaking, patriarchal, capitalist, aspiring to the middle class, and heteronormative. From my point of view, though, “white culture” isn’t defined by what it is, but by what it is not, most of the time. In terms of practice, it’s multicultural, in the same way that every other group (blacks, Hispanics, Latinx, Asians, Muslims, etc.) are. But, as the dominant culture in the US, it’s less likely to be defined externally in the way those groups have been.


I really wish you could see this issue outside of just the US, and understand that the dynamics at play I’m describing are seen all over the world. The US isn’t special in the issues it’s facing.

I also think you need to take a step back if you think wanting people to raise good smart kids, obey the laws, work hard, be involved in their community and generally be honest and good is a bad thing. That’s the backbone of pretty much all philosophical teaching, religious or otherwise. It’s not anything about the majority culture either - that shit is global.


I’m well-aware that race is a very different consideration outside of the United States. I’m not sure how that’s relevant to a conversation that’s specifically about race in the U.S., or that a country that exists with race - particularly between blacks and whites - as central as it is for very specific reasons isn’t “special” in that respect.

If you could show me where I said any of those things is bad, please do. You’re the one making the assumption that assimilation consists of raising good smart kids, obeying the laws, working hard, being involved in the community, and generally being honest and good. Literally none of those things is culturally-specific or have anything to do with assimilation.


I’m not talking about race, you’re the one who’s focused on it.


This conversation started (or, at least, my part in it) with you saying this:

“I know that’s how this is always framed, but I’ve never found that’s the reality. The fear isn’t about skin color, it’s about social behaviors.”

How is that not you talking about race?

And, again, my issue is with the idea that there is anything culturally-specific about those behaviors you describe. What you’re describing can happen whether a group assimilates into a culture or not. As you said later, it doesn’t have anything to do with what culture is the majority or not, so I’m not sure what it has to do with a conversation about the treatment of different groups in America.


You apart from where I specifically say it’s not about skin color?

Know what, I’m done now. Can’t have a sensible conversation like this. Have a good evening.


This past Saturday was Australia Day, 26 January is the anniversary of Englishman Captain Cook planting a flag in Sydney. The date has not always been Australia Day, and Australia Day was not always a national public holiday.

26 January has for decades been observed by Indigenous Australians as “Invasion day”; a day for reflection, peaceful protest and grieving (the beginning of an attempted genocide).

As a result there is a growing movement to “Change the date”, making Australia Day an occasion where all Australians, including the first ones, can celebrate together.

Naturally this has inspired outrage from the usual corners (the Murdoch press, Sky News, and talkback radio).

The thing is, it’s not a hard sell - one of the annoying things about Australia Day being a specific date is that it 3 times out 7 it will fall inconveniently on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday - surely it’d be better to make it something like the first Monday in February so that it’s a long weekend every year.

(Additionally it’s kind of just commemorating Sydney, and as a date doesn’t really mean anything to other cities or states. Australia officially Federated on 1 January but since that’s already a public holiday we wouldn’t want a double up. Having it at the end of Jan or start of Feb works well as an official end to the holiday period, as the school year starts around now (them having been on holiday for 6 weeks).)


That seems to be similar to the movement here in the US to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

The truth about Columbus:


Yeah I hate that. I’d be all for it anyway but would just for that rather selfish reason. Other than Christmas and New Year which are fixed dates every holiday in the UK is around the weekend (all on Monday apart from Good Friday). Coming to Malaysia they have a lot that fall on random weekdays and I’ve never liked them.





I don’t see much wrong with that other than he should have pointed out Bohemian Rhapsody sucked.


This could have probably gone in the DC Television Thread, too:


A disturbing new Pentagon report indicates sexual assault at three prestigious U.S. military academies spiked 50 percent in the past school year. An estimated 747 West Point and Air Force Academy cadets, and Naval Academy midshipmen told an anonymous survey they were sexually assaulted in the last academic year – up from 507 three years ago.

In 2017, CBS News spoke to more than a dozen current and former Air Force Academy cadets who said they were retaliated against after reporting their assaults.

“You go there because you want to protect their county, and they don’t protect you,” one said.

Asked if she regretted reporting the assault, another said, “Oh, I regret it every day … I regret it every day because of everything that came after. I just wish that I never came forward.”

Nationwide, nearly 750 cadets and midshipmen said in an anonymous survey they were sexually assaulted last year but only 92 formally reported it.

Don Christensen, a retired colonel and military attorney, said just four people accused of sexual assault at the academies last year were convicted.

"Accountability is the missing element in all of this," Christensen said. "Each one of the academies has a three star who oversees it. They’re literally the only person who can prosecute the case … they simply do not send enough people to court."

Looks like the “three stars” who oversee the academies should be prosecuted.



I’m doing a plenary speech for the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health annual conference (basically the biggest platform for paediatricians in the UK each year :grin:) in May, on “growing up LGBT+ in the UK today” … this school, and the issues this raises, has already earnt their place in it.


And the school’s response is:

We’re disinclined to acquiesce to your request. Means no.


The porn industry has been dealing with MeToo as well.