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Diversity in Modern Society



Yeeowie! Closeted much? That one would be real popular in West Hollywood, yo!


The 2016 election is still this raw thing for most people, a political 9/11 that is hard to process. All that anger often is looking for a face to lash out on. This kid is the latest face, and without the MAGA hat I doubt he’d have become viral. That hat is really one of the most dangerous pieces of clothing to wear in this moment.



I think that’s true. It’s more provocative than the Confederate Flag, right now.

I have finally given in and watched some of that footage. It is indeed very hard not to want to feel an urge to punch some of these over-privileged boys who form a big crowd chanting and mocking these old men. Forget about that one boy, that whole group is entirely disgusting.

But the truth is, this is what that is. It’s a group of rich white Catholic kids who are protesting women’s right to choose. They have gone there to stand their ground on their issues, so they are not going to give in when they feel provoked, but being teenagers, they are also not equipped to actually deal with this kind of conflict. So they resort to the tactics they know from sports games and the like, chanting to intimidate their opponent.

So, my point is this: None of this is unexpected behaviour from teenage boys, in a group out in public. Believe me, I have accompanied groups of students often enough. So, given how the boy said he talked to a teacher I’m assuming that this was an official trip with teachers present, I have to wonder what they were doing all this time.

Now, in my understanding of my profession, official school trips that are overtly political in nature completely run counter the purpose of school anyway and constitute a form of misuse and exploitation of children already.

But more importantly, what were the teachers doing as the situation escalated? Why were they not holding the kids back and getting them the hell out of a situation that was clearly getting out of hand? And why doesn’t this seem to be a bigger part of the discourse here? The school shouldn’t have threatened to expel students, they should have apologised for their failure to keep them out of harm’s way. They should have severely admonished and possibly fired the teachers responsible for the trip. They should have issued statements about the purpose of these kinds of school trips and on whether they will stay a part of that school’s culture.

All this they should have done. None of it seems to have happened.

So, you know, this is not something you will hear often from me, but in this case, I have to say:

I blame the teachers.


Absurd. The school staffs here, for the most part, are in a cover-your-ass mode. We are facing strikes to major cities because the teachers are paid dirt wages. Go to a private (I’m thinking it’s a Catholic school, ergo private) school and you have the same problems, plus the pressures by the Church of Peter. So, here’s a thought. The kids were doing exactly what the teachers wanted. Ergo no intervention. Ergo blaming the students. Those look like seniors, juniors at youngest. That school was just about done bleeding them for money. The students are expendable.

BTW, I attended a Catholic school 2nd and 3rd grade. Imagine how long ago that was. These fucks tracked me down to ask for money as “an alumnus” last summer! Never mind it was two years of trauma I still need some therapy to get over, St. Brendan’s will find me!



We were talking about this at work.

It’s one of those ridiculous situations where they need men to make the big changes so that more women can be in a promoted.

Until that happens, even awards like this will be won by men, because they’re the only ones in a position to win them.



Tom Brokaw made some comments that he had to backpedal on about immigration.

This all reminds me of some population reports and forecasting 20+years down the road: There is a big fear that America will be less “ white” for lack of a better term and everyone (including Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson) knows it.

It’s why they are sounding the alarm now.


There’s a simple answer, they should join the EU. Then they’ll have an influx of Poles, Romanians and Bulgarians to increase the white immigrant ratio.



Post-racial society, my ass.


I know that’s how this is always framed, but I’ve never found that’s the reality. The fear isn’t about skin color, it’s about social behaviors.


Social behaviors are often ignored in certain groups and ascribed to, and criticized in, others. Look at the focus on crime in black communities and among immigrant groups in the US, and the relative silence about violence among young, white males, for example. Even something as basic as a question of when the last time you can remember a non-POC described as a “thug” versus being described as “troubled”.


If there weren’t black or latino communities to fear then groups would move onto the next best thing - like in the UK where there’s backlash against Eastern Europeans. I know in the US much of the social behavior attacks are focused on minorities (though rarely Chinese or Indians, and truth be told it’s not the norm with latinos either). However in more rural areas without minority presences the ‘fear of other’ is projected onto what’s probably the common denominator - the poor.


That’s often true, but (if I’m remembering correctly) there have been studies that have shown that xenophobic/racist attitudes tend to be strongest in the least diverse areas. My point, though, is that it’s virtually impossible to remove race from the equation, even in the hypothetical, and that doing so simply ignores or minimizes the day-to-day reality of the lives of millions of people. In the case of people like Carlson and Ingraham, sure, they might choose different targets in different circumstances, but right now the target of their “concerns” is based on race, not behavior.


i think there’s an ideology held by many on the left that people from all countries are essentially the same. I think that’s a mistake, there are cultural tenets among different groups that just don’t go together. The question of multiculturalism is pretty much a truism, sure cultures can live together, just as long as there are no disagreements or fundamental differences on matters where different groups aren’t willing to change or compromise.


Well yeah, the fear is the fear of the unfamiliar. When you work daily with all kinds of ethinicities you don’t have the same fears, because you realize skin color has no factor at all in the character of a person.

That said, there’s definitely a large amount of people who believe there’s a right way to live in society - have a regular job, keep your house in order, have 2.4 kids, go to church and be involved in charities, generally be an upstanding member of the community. And yet of course you get people who check every box and they’re monsters who beat their kids, take hard drugs and generally do awful shit. However, the fear remains that if you have strangers entering a community and they don’t do all they can to ‘fit’ in that’s going to be a problem.

There’s 4.5 million people from India in the US now. They’re the fastest growing segment of the population. And they’ve been almost universally welcomed without challenge, even in the era of the fear of brown skinned people. Why? I’ve found Indian people do a really great job of fitting into that American model. Good smart kids, hard working families, community involvement, religious and honest - all the things that your typical conservative would say is American. Same with most Asian groups. There’s a right way to fit in, and that’s the root of the fear that most communities feel. It’s when groups don’t try to fit in that these prejudices arise.


“there’s a right way to fit in” - This is where we absolutely disagree. It’s the dominance of one particular culture that determines what that “right way” is, and leaving aside the fact that the option to do so has never been available to blacks in the same way it has to groups that immigrate to the US, there’s the problem that it’s white culture that groups are meant to assimilate to. And you could certainly make the argument that it’s about assimilating to the majority culture, regardless of what that is, but it doesn’t make it any less reprehensible, in my view, that the assumption is that that culture is inherently superior, and that the change to it brought by other groups is a danger that must be fought against. It’s based in a belief, however benevolently framed, of white supremacy. It also becomes a precarious form of acceptance - see Muslims in the US post-9/11, and Hispanics in the last few years, each of whom is facing a resurgence of bigotry that is never faced in the same systemic way by white people.