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Diversity in Modern Society


Well, I might not have actually put it in quite those terms. But the point is, “Asian” in Britain always meant (and still means, as far as I know, I’m willing to be corrected by anyone more PC than me) of Indian or Pakistani origin.


Doesn’t it mean “from Asia”?


It does, but due to the demographics and historical immigration trends Asian families originally from India and Pakistan make up a far bigger part of the UK population than Asian families from Japan or China.

For that reason, ‘Asian’ became mostly used to describe people from that area of Asia, rather than east Asia. Even though the term obviously covers the whole of Asia in its literal meaning.


That’s still a strange expectation. Here, anti-abortion is often tied into anti-euthanasia as well - and vice versa with pro-choice including the right to die. So, that’s probably made it more politically sensitive over time. I imagine you wouldn’t have gotten much of a reaction if you said “catatonic.”

I mean, essentially, think of it this way. Imagine you were taking a morning jog around the office with a few co-workers as part of a fitness program. At the end of it, you’re out of breath and casually joke, “whew, I think I’m gonna have a heart attack.”

Would it be reasonable for anyone you know to get offended by that and think you were belittling people with heart conditions? If it’s to that point, then we are really cultural dysfunctional in regards to the threshold of outrage.


I never have heard for this church of Satan. Until now.




I shouldn’t be surprised that someone would have issues that makes him have to defend the role, it for fucks sake I wish we’d just ignore these outrage idiots.


Why didn’t anyone give Christian Bale shit for playing a fat, balding American CEO? Why didn’t they hire Donald Trump to play that role? OH, THE HUMANITY!!!


And clearly there are plenty of quadriplegic characters for everyone, disabled or not, to play, so what’s the big deal?


It’s dumb; not as dumb though as when Redmayne copped it for playing Stephen Hawking considering he was going to be playing him from prior to his affliction.

I mean, where they meant to instead cast someone with Motor Neurone Disease who is on the cusp of rapidly degenerating and quickly film the “early days” scenes before that happens?

I understand that actors who are less physically able are already limited in what roles they can play but films are still a business and name actors bring in more money.


Sure, but given the scarcity of roles how do they ever become names? I get it if there’s pre-disability stuff in the film, but when there’s not I get why people would have a problem with it.


Yeah, I posted it mainly because I thought Cranston addressed the arguments quite well and succinctly.

The arguments about giving actors from various minorities more opportunities and about whether actors not from those minorities can play those roles are separate (although linked) but often rolled in together. I think Cranston’s response was quite reasonable.


MND (or ALS as it is known in the US) has an average life expectancy from diagnosis of 2 years. Hawking is such an exception to the norm his genetics have been analysed by experts to try and explain why he lived so long.
I agree on the quadriplegic scenario but to cast someone with MND for that movie would have been logistically next to impossible.


No, I get it for the Hawking movie. I was thinking of The Upside where, to the best of my understanding, the character Cranston is playing is a quadriplegic through the entire movie.




With a rising trend in searches for (see below) and articles/pieces related to “toxic masculinity” (there have been 8 within the past week), we are collectively choosing to ignore the importance of masculinity and its necessary role in the function of society.


She clearly has no idea what toxic masculinity actually means.


“Meaghan Mobbs, M.A… Meaghan graduated with her M.A. in Forensic Psychology from George Washington and is currently an advanced Clinical Psychology doctoral student at Columbia University, Teachers College”

Clearly she has no idea what she’s talking about.