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Diversity in Modern Society


It does seem in the US it’s more gendered. In the UK it is more of an abstract insult in the same way that Robert described fuck not really meaning anything specific a lot of the time. It is more often than not directed at men (whereas in the odd US usage I have seen it more at women and the examples used here when we discussed it before were directed that way).

It is the strongest swear word in the UK though and not thrown about that casually (except in Glasgow from my experience). I would think the usage probably matches the way you describe it in Australia. I’d be very aware of the company before dropping it very rarely and usually to describe Piers Morgan. It appears a lot more acceptable than in the US but you wouldn’t use it outside that kind of pub scenario.

(Rock and roll bands that like to cultivate an anti-establishment image including boasting about drug use are probably not typical.)


Silence of the Lambs, where it is also directed at a woman.


In an odd coincidence germane to the current discussion, on tonight’s South Park, Santa Claus told the the entire town to “Have fun sucking Bezos’ dick, you bunch of cunts!” as he rode off on his sleigh.


It’s used quite memorably by Carrie-Anne Moss in Memento. Also describing a woman.

Although I guess it’s arguable whether that really counts as a US film with Nolan as writer and director.


I remember in a movie (forgot the name), I think Patrick Dempsey is in one of the roles, some robbery at the museum… I remember one of the robbers was Brit and he said the word, until Dempsey’s character snaps (he usually was calm at that point) - “We don’t use” cunt" in United States!"

But, I figured, it’s mostly directed at women in US. In Disappearance of Alice Creed (which is UK film), the title character said it to man" You kidnapped me you cunt!"

I know that Chief mentioned memorably in Kick Ass; Dave’s friends were discussing about what right word would be male equivalent of cunt. So they come up with “tunk”. :grinning:


It’s why Hit-Girl using it in the film had so much impact. 1) having a little girl use the most offensive word possible and 2) directing it at men ( particularly guys that think of themselves as hard cases) is considered about as offensive as it gets in the US.
I called a coworker a worthless C-word at work during a heated exchange and it almost ended with blows.



Since this is a thread about diversity:

Thing is about Deblasio’s plan is that I can see all the black and Latino students being severely harassed at those schools being told they didn’t make it in fair and square, don’t really belong there, etc…

There are no easy answers. I would say to improve the test taking prep course as a start.


That doesn’t seem realistic though. There are very few people who would ever say anything like that in the open. Instead, I think they would face too much support. That too many of their teachers and fellow students would see them as champions rather than just kids at school.

Most kids just don’t know where they fit in. These kids are coming in with a story behind them. A few might want to antagonize them, but most people want to associate with the underdog.



I know about those schools. Everyone there is competitive. Deblasio’s son Dante went to Brooklyn Tech and when he was accepted to Yale, a lot of his white classmates resented it and told him that he made it in because of affirmative action and the fact that his father was the NYC mayor. According to them, there was no such thing as a “minority” student who studied hard.

Personally, I want those students to get at the very least some type of respect, which imho, would mean passing a test just like the rest. As I said there are no easy answers, but at the very least try to give those students good test preparation hours. I know (and this is not a stereotype) that the Asians stress almost to a fault test prep and education. Getting in those schools are almost as competitive as getting into elite colleges.

They will pick on someone who they feel gets in on a free ride.


Fritz Richard
December 13 ·
Looks like someone had a problem with our black Santa. I found him this morning, someone took a knife to him. Trump is really changing this country! Is this how you make America “Great again”, with hate crimes?


Someone has a problem with white Santa, too. There were a couple in my neighborhood that were cut as well.

So either it’s a race thing or maybe more likely it’s a vandalism thing.


It’s an asshole thing.

Which covers all potential Santacide motives.


You don’t see much Krampus defiling going on, maybe Santa needs to work on his intimidation skills! :wink:


Oh, Santa KNOWS who’s been naughty!




Scroobius Pip is a total dude


Yeah Pip is awesome, love his rapping and his podcast has had a few comics guys on.

Moore and Ellis on his early shows:


This is a morning TV show interview with 1980s Liverpool and England footballer John Barnes being asked about a recent racist verbal attack on a current black player, Raheem Stirling, which is quite rare in recent times in the UK (football is relatively squeaky clean compared to when he played at the height of the hooligan problem). His thoughts are well worth listening to.