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Diversity in Modern Society


Since people on the right started using them as insults.


First it was fluoride, now it’s soy?


Don’t forget get chem trails.


They don’t think chemicals are being added to soy, but rather that the phytoestrogen in soy is like human estrogen and feminises men. It was originally passed around in bodybuilding circles and migrated to the reactionary right.

This is, of course bullshit and the use of the term estrogen refers to the way the molecule is constructed rather than the elements in the molecule. And cow milk contains estrogens that are far closer to human estrogen.


The question still stands, if anyone is interested:


When would you use it?


Well I guess you’d use it instead of saying stuff like “quit being such a pussy” or “that’s so gay”, etc… the kind of stuff you heard in the 90’s, which obviously didn’t refer to actually being a woman or a homosexual.


I just remember when, I think it was Alex Jones, started using it while selling products full of soy in the same episode.


Both those insults, and soy boy, are mired in the idea that a man who acts in anyway outside of the stereotypical male image is some how less than a man.


BRAIN FORCE PLUS, which was sold by Jones as a way to offset feminisation from soy, while containing soy itself, and when reviewed by some Nootropics websites they noted all the best stuff in there came from the soy in the pills.


Archonis used to peddle this crap when he was here.


Yes, that’s the intent in this case, indeed… is there a point to pointing the obvious?


That it’s bullshit and replacing it with an insult not targeting an additional group doesn’t change that.


Quit being a pussy is an interesting phrase. At its root is means stop delaying doing something you know you should do, but because of its use it’s now seen as a slur and there’s no good replacement. There’s less and less space for derogatory language as that language is usually loaded with name calling and insults and we’re in a place where “names can never hurt me” isn’t true any more.

I think it’s created a division between those comfortable with being addressed that way and those who aren’t. And like so many things that line in the sand changes depending on who you’re interacting with. Your best friend can tell you to stop being a pussy, a stranger can’t. And I think in the era of mostly strangers talking to strangers derogatory terms just don’t fit any more.


It’s origins isn’t stop delaying doing something you know you should do. It was stop being a coward and acting like a woman.


Ah, finally, an answer…

Right, so it’s more that insults in general are getting “out of fashion” so to speak… because in the end, all insults are supposed to offend, I mean, that’s the whole point…

So, it doesn’t matter if we replace XXX by YYY or ZZZ, the problem might be in using insults in the first place then?

Well, specifically “coward”, but yes, “pussy” because women were (and still are I guess) stereotypically seen as “easy to scare”. I mean, since you like teaching us and all… u_u


Also… jeeeesus Lorcan… buddy, be careful, you’re gonna hurt yourself… :smile:


I think name calling is rapidly falling out of regular conversation. I’m curious if swearing in general is falling out of usage. Language is going through a big cultural change.


Yeah I guess the whole “being offensive” thing is what’s problematic these days, so of course insults are gonna take a hit.


I think it depends where you are. I still get the sense that US, socially, doesn’t approve of swearing.

Over here? Fuck yes, but the golden rule is: Know your audience.