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Diversity in Modern Society


Not to beat this point dead, but again, in this second phrase you’ve also already established the person you’re talking about, in this case “the next president”, which is singular, so again, there’s no confusion in this instance, 'cause like Jason said, “they” is a replacement for “he/him or she/her”.

It’s not about knowing the “person’s specifics”, but about how many people we’re talkign about.


Yeah, yet in most cases, they are probably responding to other factors. A male lion may not know that sex is related to reproduction - like Dave says, they don’t need to know - but he can tell by scent if a cub is his. Often, a male that takes over a pride will kill and eat the young cubs of his predecessor. However, again, that is probably a response to the scent as they would grow up to be rivals.

There are plenty of cases of infanticide even by the mothers of animals to indicate that counter reproductive urges are also biological. Since from the best perspective we can have, biology is a whole lot of randomly complex chemical reactions that have the arbitrary result of reproducing certain genetic strains in an environment where the resources to do that are not abundant, the behavior that emerges from that naturally turns out to be varied and contradictory.

A perfect organism for the goal of reproduction might actually eat up all the resources available and wipe itself out in the end, so it turns out a less effective organism could actually more fit than a perfect one just as in life, things we consider flaws might actually be what keeps us alive.


In the context of fertility:


Huh. You know, when I see a hundred new posts in this thread, I’m immediately thinking, okay, shit has blown up here. And then I come and read, and it’s a very nice, polite and enlightening discussion. Huh. I mean, guys, what are we becoming here?




Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.


Moving away from grammar, though (which we’ve agreed changes, however comfortably) there’s the reality that any confusion that arises is probably minimal. How often does using “he” or “she” on their own eliminate confusion, given that it only reduces the number of possible people being referred to by, at best, half? And the vast majority of people we interact with are cisgender. I’ve probably only directly interacted with three people who aren’t, two of whom explicitly stated what their preferred pronoun is. And, as someone mentioned earlier, often if you simply ask, they have no problem telling you without taking offense.

One of the people I mentioned is my brother’s kid, and they’re not only gender non-conforming, but they changed their name, too. And, sure, it’s an adjustment to refer tho them by the correct gender pronoun and name after 20+ years of using different ones, but it’s a negligible difficulty (and, frankly, we adjust to name changes all the time when female friends, family, or acquaintances get married and change their name). It’s minimal effort for us, and far more difficult for them.


An old friend of mine went through a gender transition, it was weird at the begining obsiously, but wasn’t really a problem… I met “him” a long time ago, and now I know “her”… not really an issue in my mind (beyond having to be careful of what I say in certain social situations, but I’m not an idiot either, so I can avoid some landmines).

Point being, not all adjustments are equal. And again, the whole “they/them” thing is only an issue in english as I don’t even know what they do here in Mexico, but since "they/them"are gendered in spanish, using those pronouns is not really a viable option, I reckon.

It might seem silly, but I think it’s better to introduce a new pronoun, rather than muddy the language by using an existing one… I mean, why makes things more confusing when you can accomodate everyone? =/


If we’re acknowledging that gender is a broad spectrum and that it doesn’t really make sense to refer to people’s gender in a binary manner, then doesn’t it follow that it makes sense to eliminate the binary terms in favor of a single catch-all, which already exists as “they”?

I totally take the point about foreign languages though - we’re obviously discussing English in the main here, and other languages function differently.


Some of what you’re talking about is already a part of ther conversation.

Genderqueer pronouns

But there’s no real consensus. And, if anything, there seems to be more pushback from opponents to new terminology than there is to the use of “they” which at least has a historical basis.


Well, I guess in english it’d be easier, since most words are gender neutral… so doing away with gender pronouns/words could be feasible. In other languages though? Probably not… I mean, I only speak spanish and french but both of those are HEAVILY gendered… it’d be impossible to change the language on such a scale… It’d be easier for people to learna new one, tbh.

Well, that’s where the various LGBQT organizations/associations should come into play and reach a concensus and then work with whichever body rules over the language usage to incorporate it. New words are introduced quite frequently in most languages, it doesn’t seem like something that’d be too difficult to accomplish.


Considering there’s still ongoing debates in the US in the black community over “black” versus “African-American” and even whether the N-word should ever be used in any context, that’s not likely to happen any time soon.






Originally Black Pete was to Sint what Luca Brasi was to Don Corleone: his muscle man, his enforcer. In the olden days, if children had behaved badly during the year, Pete would give them “the switch”. Or worse, he would stuff them in a sack and take them away. An elderly white man plays Sinterklaas. Pete is played by a white man too, dressed in minstrel clothing with his face painted black.

The pro-Pete side claims that Pete isn’t black at all – his face is covered with soot only because he goes up and down chimneys to bring gifts. The anti-Pete side asks: in that case, why the racist caricature, the curly hair, thick red lips and big golden earrings? The pro-Pete side will say: he’s a tradition, get used to it. The anti-Pete side will say: Dutch society is no longer a homogeneous white society, get used to that.



Yep that is what my parents think. I think the image of Black Pete is a charicature of what people thought North African Moors looked like.

If it was up to me the whole Sinterklaas celebration should disappear, it is pretty stupid.



Just read some pages from a comic Richard C. Meyer wrote called IRON SIGHTS. IRON SHIT is more like it.


On the bright side of things, it seems like Comicsgate collapsed as a result of them actually fulfilling a crowdfund.