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Diversity in Modern Society




I would turn that around and ask, what mindset does a person have to have to make them alt-right and not just… right?

Serious question, because I really don’t know what they specifically believe, what values they hold, that are not bog-standard “right” and yet are apparently also not “Nazi”.


Some of them are just White Supremacists.


Er…. :confused:


I can’t tell if this is trolling or making a political statement or a genuine emotional need. It’s Onion-esque.


I feel like it’s a bit of everything. But mostly I think he’s just taking the piss.

It opens up interesting questions, though, about the extent to which you can identify as something by choice and the extent to which society should recognise that.

I’ve seen quite a few articles about transracialism and the extent to which it should be recognised similarly to the way we recognise transgender individuals. But I know there’s still a lot of controversy around that.

Either way, age is such a universal and objective metric that it seems like an odd attribute for this kind of thing to revolve around.


I think a lot of people get lumped in with the alt right who aren’t racist or white supremacist at all.

I don’t believe there are a lot of racists or sexists out there. Most people don’t judge others on their gender or race.


While age itself is objective, perception of age, on the other hand, is subject to socio-cultural factors. There are ideas of what “old” people are supposed to be like, and that is something worth talking about. Or it would be, if Ratelband’s fight wasn’t basically just about wanting to sleep with younger women.

I like the last sentence of the article:

Kuijpers told the court: “There is also something like common sense, of course.”


I agree, and there are obviously conversations to have around age discrimination and preconceptions and so on.

But “identifying” as a certain age doesn’t really make sense to me.


I identify as always correct when it comes to political discussions yet you folks continually discriminate against me.


But what I want to understand is the people who self-identify as alt-right. Why don’t they want to be called simply “right”, what do they think is different about themselves that makes them alternative to the conventional right as most people understand it?


I am not sure a lot of people self identify as alt right. But self identifying as alt right probably means there is a big chance that person is a racist.

Not all of them though, it’s kind of a vague term, some probably think they’re right wing but cooler or smarter than regular right wing.


“Alt-right” is to “right” what “nu metal” was to “metal” in the nineties.




It’s a bit more than that. Yes he has trouble convincing middle aged women that banging a grandpa is just the same as banging a middle aged man, but that’s not for the law to solve. The bigger issue is lying about his age like this, people could be looking for a companion and don’t want to be with someone who has a potentially more limited lifespan. I think it’s utterly creepy to want to lie about that and the guy’s a bit of a scumbag presenting this as akin to transgender people. I think in today’s age people are hesitant to judge him for this request, but really he should be derided pretty harshly.


Yeah, I can’t disagree with this. There’s an incredible amount of self-delusion involved if he really believes he has the body of a 40-something man (as he quotes his doctor’s supposed words). Plus, in pretty much everything he says, it becomes pretty clear he’s an egocentric dick. Completely confirming, I’m afraid, my prejudices against motivational speakers and experts in “neurolinguistic programming”.


Or, it’s a publicity stunt to raise awareness of age discrimination.


Okay, so I know NLP. We called it “practical magic” back in the day (from a textbook). It’s dynamite, and not for amateurs.

Anecdote. A while back I was attending an investment club (a real estate thing) and there was a speaker who was going to use NLP as a sales technique. Long story short, managed to get picked as the subject while Mr. Awkward tried some very rudimentary techniques. I damned near got him to cluck like a chicken. One thing, I heard he gave up “teaching” NLP and had entered therapy. Do not use entry-level NLP against a master sorcerer! How the hell do people think I got to do all those things above and beyond my pay grade? Charm and personality?


I was gonna defend nu metal, but then I had a flashback of Limp Biskit and Papa Roach… u_u


It might get clicks and turn heads, but it’s not a very good PR stunt to frame the campaign around an old guy lying about his age to hook up on Tinder.