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Diversity in Modern Society


When was that scene? I read it long ago, so I forgot. Though the GN isn’t considered canon.
What I recall is Joker on his knees, arms locked around Harley’s waist, like he realizes how miserable he is.

Off-topic: what do you people think about yesterday’s election in US? I am amazed how many people decided to vote. Now that’s what I call true democracy.


There is a scene in which it’s heavily implied (but not shown explicitly) that he rapes the girlfriend of one of his underlings as a form of punishment for having disobeyed him or let him down in some way.

As Steve said, the Joker is meant to be an unpleasant character, but this struck me as particularly so.

It makes it even more strange that the controversy over a slight flash of nudity in Azzarello and Bermejo’s Batman: Damned #1 was so much greater than anything seen in reaction to Joker (which is the more challenging and disturbing book, for me). Maybe if Joker were being released today there would be more outcry over it.


Ah, that. I thought you were referring to Harley :smiley: Yes, that was quite nerve-racking, nearly as skinning the man alive.


It’s maybe notable any allusions to his sexuality are mostly in non-canon stories and also are really about rape and sexual violence as punishment. Psychologists have long said that rape is an act of violence over a sexual one.

There is no ‘love life’ because Joker is a psycho and he cannot love.


I think that’s probably a fair take on it. The sexual elements are always used as a weapon, rather than there being any suggestion of genuine feeling.

Killing Joke certainly seems to suggest that the pre-transformation Joker loved his wife deeply, and her death was part of the psychological break that turned him into the Joker. After the transformation, that concern for his dead wife seems to instantly disappear (even though he seems to remember her).


Yes and that’s reflected in White Knight too, he can have feelings for Harley once his madness is cured but it’s just an abusive relationship when the Joker is in charge.


Happy to see that Massachusetts did the right thing:



And she’s still more bearable than her ex.


I think Sinead is actually quite unwell in a serious way. It’s probably not worth bringing her up in this thread although she is right about white people.


You know, from what I imagine the new Joker movie could be, the ideal Batman to play against him would be the one from Aaronofsky’s original proposal for a Batman movie.


Those are some hilarious quotes. What a time to live in.


She dated Bono?


With the difference her ex is a-hole. I’d say she needs help, but I hope at least she is at peace now.


This shouldn’t be news. The Mail shouldn’t have made it a story and honestly it’s nit the kind of thing we need to discuss here. This is clickbait and public shame, plain and simple.


She disappeared for a spell recently and everyone assumed/feared she was dead. She needs real help, it’s actually quite sad.


Imagine someone as sanctimonius as Bono, but perpetually wrong, and without an ounce of talent.

Yeah, there’s an Irishman worse than Bono

other than me, of course.


Why are my ears burning?


Worse even than you!


After initially being worried that this would be a game-bashing piece, I was relieved to see this pretty much being a reasonable take.

There have been calls for these games to prohibit the capacity of players to inflict violence against women, as the game already prohibits acts of harm against children.

This appeals on an instinctive level, but to do so I think is a missed opportunity for games to powerfully instruct adult moral behaviour.