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Diversity in Modern Society


It’s the fifth appendix of Capital “how to take over The West (a concept that won’t exist for 100 years) by having sociology professors in college subscribe to my economic theories”


I believe we were told there would be punch and pie at the meeting.


Harpo Marx. It’s always the quiet ones!


There was pie but then Olivia Minnesota jumped in it.


I believe you mean Olivia Munn (autocorrect problems?):


Yeah I didn’t even notice autocorrect had done that. That’s such a weird correction too.


She should change her name to Olivia Minnesota.



I dropped out of this thread a long time ago. Forgive me, therefore, if this has already come up, but apparently Mark Waid vs Comicsgate is still ongoing. Waid is being sued for stopping Meyer’s graphic novel being published a few months ago. He has set up a GoFundMe page to help with legal defence costs. I don’t necessarily agree with Waid’s actions but I definitely don’t agree with the Comicsgate community either, so made a contribution last night.

In the interest of full disclosure, Ethan Van Sciver has also set one up on Meyer’s behalf. There are a few creators whose work I will no longer support as a result of this.


Called it!


What a mess. And both sides calling on regular people to donate to their mess doesn’t sit right with me either. The only ones wining here will be the lawyers.


It all makes you want to stop buying comics entirely.


That’s sad to hear.

I’ve pretty much ignored the whole thing and thankfully found that it’s pretty easy to do so. I decided early on that I just didn’t want to know - the headlines that get posted here are the only time I hear about it.

It’s a shame to feel like active ignorance is the best choice, but everything I’ve heard about this makes it sound like something I just don’t want to dedicate my thoughts to.


Oh I’m obviously not going to stop buying comics (for this reason anyway). It does often feel like an industry that is not very big yet has an inflated sense of importance and often revels in ugly drama more than it should.


Yes, and it doesn’t help that some of the most prominent comics news sites and communities trade fairly heavily in that ugliness, and actively prolong that kind of thing.

I’ve increasingly started shutting out any news or articles that aren’t directly related to the comics themselves, and I can’t say I’ve felt like I’m missing anything.


Not really. It’s all essentially something that exists solely on Twitter and Youtube. Go back before that existed and we’d be happily reading whatever comics we want in blissful ignorance of what a non-entity like Meyer thinks. At best he’d have got a letter in the back of Iron Man complaining about the new direction and would have to keep it civil or it’d never be printed.

Yeah I’m on Waid’s side here but maybe he’d have been best just not engaging. Just block the Comicgaters as an editor would have thrown their letter in the bin if it were full of insults.



I don’t feel like it needs much dedication of thought, either. Some comics gate dickheads didn’t get a book published when Antarctica Press realised who they were and how public sentiment towards them was, and now they’re trying to pin that on Waid with a frivolous lawsuit.

All of this is easy to ignore, luckily.


What an Audacious Hoax Reveals About Academia

Many conservatives who are deeply hostile to the science of climate change, and who dismiss out of hand the studies that attest to deep injustices in our society, are using Sokol Squared to smear all academics as biased culture warriors. The Federalist , a right-wing news and commentary site, went so far as to spread the apparent ideological bias of a few journals in one particular corner of academia to most professors, the mainstream media, and Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee.
These attacks are empirically incorrect and intellectually dishonest.

By the same token, many leftists are willing to grasp at straws to defend journals and fields of inquiry that they regard as morally righteous. Some have dismissed Sokal Squared by pointing out that many disciplines, from economics to psychology, have in the past years also faced crises of confidence. Others have simply cited the conservative instrumentalization of Sokal Squared as a reason to ignore it. “Academics,” Alison Phipps wrote on Twitter, “please stand by colleagues in Gender Studies/Critical Race Studies/Fat Studies & other areas targeted by this journal article hoax. This is a coordinated attack from the right.”

That too is intellectually dishonest.

I hadn’t heard of this until recently but the article is worth reading and probably the most balanced one I’ve seen on what Boghossian, Pluckrose and Lindsay did.


Did you catch them on Rogan’s podcast? I watched it yesterday. It was great. I really enjoyed listening to them explain it. It was very funny.