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Diversity in Modern Society


There are some that are affiliated with the Catholic church and some affiliated with Protestant denominations but the ones that are really conservative aren’t that many.
From what I can tell it’s the size of the school that determines the overall tone in that smaller schools will trend a certain way while bigger ones will have more diversity.


About a third of all private colleges in the US are Christian interestingly enough (just over 600 out of around 1850).

I’m not sure I buy that size has much to do with though. Falwell’s Libtery college is I believe is the largest (it has over 15,000 students and well over 100,000 online students) and is massively conservative. It probably has more to do with the college’s mission statement and goals.


The same is true of the terms “diversity”, “modern” and “society”. And yet here we are in this thread…


I think one of the things that makes this difficult is that certain fields require a certain approach. If you’re studying economics, that’ll focus on the current economic system, which means there is a natural bias of the field towards a capitalist free market economy, and thinking about different economic models will always be something that’ll be discussed in very few courses if at all. Similarly, if you’re involved in in-depth gender issues, there’s no way you’ll be able to hold on to a conservative view of male and female societal roles, simply because the realities of in-depth studies will reject that. It’s pretty much impossible to hold on to a conservatie bias if you’re studying this field.


I think Liberty is the exception and not the rule.


I would think smaller colleges may go more in one direction (left or right) as they may have more limited curricula with a greater focus on certain subject matter…


From what I can tell from a quick bit of googling it’s not. According to the Princeton Review the 20 most conservative colleges are almost all Christian Colleges. The list is made up of a variety of large and small schools with nearly half large or very large (8 out of 20).


When I look it up on Urban Dictionary I get this:

then this:

and this:

[quote] SJW stands for “Social Justice Warrior”, however its actual meaning has changed several times, and even now depends on context.

Originally the term was positive, with figures such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi being described as such when praised for their work in bringing justice and equality to oppressed groups. Examples of its use as a term of praise go back as far as 1824, and this continued to be the meaning of the term up until around 2011.

In 2011 several events, primarily Gamergate, led to the term becoming a pejorative. Many began to use the term to describe people who were overly sensitive and quick to insult anyone who said something they perceived as attacking or oppressing some group of people, even when it wasn’t warranted. Basically, anyone who overreacted to a perceived slight against a person or group of people.

However, the term has continued to evolve. While the previous definition sometimes applies, it’s now often used simply as an excuse to dismiss things other people say without having to think about them at all, regardless of whether or not they have a valid point. In other words, it’s increasingly used as if it’s a “get out of jail free” card for insulting entire groups of people. This watering down of the meaning is slowly turning the term into a meaningless insult. [/quote]

I think it means different things to different people, like lots of things on the internet. It’s an important phrase to describe everything that’s happening at this time though, no sense denying it or dismissing it’s usage.


I don’t know…I do think academics should be free to challenge accepted notions. Things you could do is do a survey among students if they feel free to ask questions or make comments some might find objectionable, or if they feel free to research thorny subjects. You can also find out if there are universities that have a habit of firing teachers for not conforming to certain political viewpoints.


All of these things already exist. Students anonymously evaluate teachers in every course.


Well great. Is that information also online for parents and students looking for the right university?


Yes. There is a site called the Peterson Snowflake Evaluator. Anything with a score of under 3.5 macho points is a concern.

If a university has more than 3 unsubstantiated anecdotes in a Youtube video an animation of Stalin appears to warn students away.


You’re literally asking me for information that is readily available in order to solve something someone else told you is a problem and which, even if it were a problem, wouldn’t affect you unless you were considering whether to attend a college in the U.S.


It’s not that complicated. I think it would be good if people had a tool to assess the level of academic freedom in various university departments, using such student surveys it should be easy to rank universities. This whole matter would be a lot more transparent for the people to whom this matters if that kind of information was easily available.

It would be good for universities too, since they could use it to refute people whining about left wing professors. And you could use the cold hard facts and throw them in Jordan Peterson’s evil fascist face. :wink:


All you have to do is use google to find the answers you keep asking for.


I didn’t find really find anything with Google, at least not something comparing results from different universitie. I did find a report on academic freedom in Dutch universities.

Anyway, this discussion has gotten a bit silly, so I’m ending on this point. I guess I should just accept that there is not a secret Marxist plot unfolding to take over the universities and then the rest of the world. :wink:


Well done, comrades! We got the fool off our trails!

Oh, and a note to all: Please remember to bring your own bottles for the next secret meeting, I can’t keep supporting Matt’s drinking habits.


The usage is important though. There’s no getting around the fact that the root of the term is gamergaters heaping scorn on anyone who dares deny them the right to bully women, and that that is still the kind of discourse in which it is used most of the time.

Words never exist without context, and their usage tells you something about the people using them, especially in a political context. One person’s freedom fighter is another person’s terrorist. One person’s free market economy is another person’s laissez-faire capitalism. If you treat words like they are devoid of such context, you’re denying the realities of the discourse.


Just checking, you do know the origin of that conspiracy theory, right?


Karl Marx?