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Diversity in Modern Society



This 100%.

The people who complain about SJWs are attacking the “social justice” thing, not keyboard slacktivism.

“SJW” is, to me, one of those bellweather words like “feminazi” or “cuck” that tells me that the person throwing it around is an asshole and I can safely ignore everything they say because they have nothing of value to offer.

So, yeah, Jim is really misreading the intent here. It shouldn’t be used unless you want to get lumped in with the guys who want to rape Anita Sarkeesian with a red hot poker.


By the way what’s happening in Brazil the last few months is truly scary, and stories like this are why I give a hard side-eye to any and all bitching about “left wing” US college campuses (as those complaints, and the attempt to win the public over to that side, is pretty clearly the first step to stuff like this):



Nah I disagree. Bolsonaro is a scary motherfucker but bitching about left wing universities is perfectly fine. It is not a stepping stone to fascism, that’s ridiculous.


Honestly Arjan I think you have to do considerably more research about American universities before you comment on them further. It’s just not your area of expertise.


I’ve really yet to see any evidence that college campuses in America are left wing in any serious way. Certain pop professors like Stephen Pinker and Jordan Peterson claim that college faculty are overwhelmingly Marxist, but it just doesn’t make sense. If they were so Marxist, then why do 99% of all university economics programs teach a very dogmatic capitalist theory to the exclusion of all others? There may be more democrats in college faculties - I doubt it - but Democrats are hardly left wing.


As I said earlier, it’s all very anecdotal. Aren’t there dozens of Christian conservative colleges in the US?

Most of the ‘policies’ that get mentioned actually stem from students unions and not the universities. Are some of them over the top like advising against cowboy outfits? Sure but when I was in college 25 years ago and decades before that there’s always been that element. Youngsters like to flirt with radical ideas, there’s a handful of Tory MPs in the UK who used to be in Marxist societies in college.


Still, Bush went to an ivy league school, Clinton went to an ivy league school, Trump went to an ivy league school and none of them exhibit any Marxist ambitions in their policies. It doesn’t seem like a hotbed of radicals when you look at where their graduates end up.


College educated white people voted for Trump. We just got done a long conversation (w/r/t Kavanaugh) about how Ivy League schools are a breeding ground for conservative networking.

Sure, a Jordan Peterson talk will get protested here and there but he also gives a lot of talks that go off fine and nobody talks about it. Not to compare protests to death threats but Anita Sarkeesian has had her troubles speaking at colleges and has had to cancel gigs. Nobody talks about how this is proof that colleges are right wing.

They certainly used to be hotbeds, if not for radicals then left-wing grassroots organizations, in the Civil Rights and Vietnam era. Republicans have spent decades putting an end to this by cutting funds and making college increasingly inaccessible.

When people complain about “left wing” colleges because Jordan Peterson is booed, and then you see headlines like Trump is cutting $78 billion from the low-income grant program…I mean, these things are not unrelated.


I don’t understand why they would respect Marx, he was just a cis male privileged white guy.


That’s fair enough, it’s far from my bed. Of course it’s not my area of expertise but I can still be worried about it. If they really are so left wing I think that’s not good, there should be a diversity of viewpoints, but who the hell knows if what Jordan Peterson and Jonathan Haidt are saying is true, maybe they are lying out of their asses.

It should be easy though to put some kind of vetting mechanism online, for parents and students to check the curriculum and see wether it tilts to any side politically.


Exactly. Because “the Left” isn’t against cishet privileged white guys, we’re against those who use those things to ignore or enable oppression.


Every university has course catalogs, syllabi, and published work by faculty (regular publication is one of the key requirements for tenure). None of this stuff is hidden.


That’s good, but it would probably be beneficial if there were some online tool where you can do a quick comparison. Maybe that already exists.


I would think it’s probably too detailed and subjective for that. Outside of economics what defines right and left wing perspectives? Say on penal policy, is reducing the prison population a left or right wing policy? You’ll find Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders stand pretty much the same on that subject, personal privacy too. Is teaching man made climate change in an Environmental Science class a political stance or not?

Depending on who is making the judgement call then teaching evolution is a left wing stance.

Often the likes of Peterson and Haidt mention fellow lecturers in their criticism, so is that establishment biased one way or the other when it employs them both?


An online resource to compare what? The individual politics of thousands of teachers? I’m sure you can see the problems with that. Course catalogs and publications are generally online already.

The reality is, the majority of college students are adults, and we trust that they’re able to be exposed to a variety of of viewpoints, of information, and learn to think critically about them. It’s the reason every prominent speaker/thinker/figure on the right managed to make it out of so-called left-wing colleges with their own politics and viewpoints.


Well ideally academic institutions should embrace academic freedom, be free of political bias, or influence from the corporate sector. Johnny mentioned many universities teach very right wing economics, so you could see if there is bias there, if alternative viewpoints to challenge commonly held views are encouraged or if the content of the program is an accurate reflexion of all the current scholarship. You could rank universities on a scorecard of academic freedoms or political bias.



The problems I was referring to had less to do with logistics and more to do with bias and misuse. The main reason the U.S. colleges instituted tenure in the first place was to protect professors who were being targeted politically during the McCarthy era for supposed Communist ties and/or sympathies. Even our public primary and secondary schools today, with oversight by school boards and state-determined curriculum aren’t regulated in a politically-neutral way, with things like intelligent design/creationism inserted as an alternative to evolution, slavery being reframed and minimized, etc. And even if you somehow determine a need for a body to assess political bias at colleges, where do those members come from? Who appoints them? What authority over institutions are they given? Would it be the same for public and private universities? Do we regulate content? Eliminate the teaching of Marx? Fanon? DuBois? Remove Richard Wright, Audre Lorde, or James Baldwin from lit classes? Ultimately, there’s no such thing as apolitical material in literature and media, and even things like African-American studies, Gender studies, and post-colonial studies are attacked as politically-biased, while curriculum that is 100% male, white, and heterosexual is often viewed as apolitical when there’s nothing apolitical about that. And why stop at schools? What about churches or the workplace?