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Diversity in Modern Society


Not just Americans, I’ve had that a fair few times in Asia. The most amusing one was a guy who convinced himself I must be French from my accent.


It’s also quite amusing how accents can get completely skewed when you’re speaking a foreign language. When I was in France last year a woman there I spoke to for quite a while in French asked if I was Canadian, and then (after I said no) if I was German. I guess my French accent is all over the place these days.

I’ve had the German question quite often - maybe there’s a similar harshness to the sound of French as spoken by the British and Germans.


It would make sense, English is a Germanic language after all. When we were in school they taught us French by translating from Welsh, for German we did the classes in English.


When I speak Czech it can be funny for Czechs because my accent is very “bookish”. Like I’m speaking ancient Czech. The common dialect spoken in most of the country is based on the Prague dialect and is quite a bit different from literary Czech which is based on the Moravian dialect, which is the East of the country,


I’m trying to work out what kind of crazy person doesn’t rhyme duck with book :confused:

Unless you rhyme ‘book’ with ‘luke’, whick I guess they do round Nottingham way.


I started watching a new show on FX called Me Inbetween it’s filmed and set in New South Wales, Australia. One of the actors that appears on it is Damon Herriman. Up until this, I have always seen him portray American characters with American accents. With this new series, I finally get to hear him speak in his natural Australian accent it was refreshing.


I remember a friend of mine from South Africa who spoke Afrikaans saying something similar was true for him when he spoke to anyone Dutch. Because of the shared roots but different development of the languages since Afrikaans separated from Dutch, he could make himself understood, but it sounded to them like he was talking in an archaic, outdated fashion.


Getting back to comics, I was at Target yesterday and thought “this is why Marvel made the diversity push.”


Well, I mean, yeah.


I’m surprised you found one in your size.


I got Squirrel Girl.


You do love your nuts.


It’s more an issue with who is selected by the Conservative parties to run in each seat - making matters worse, the female MPs in Parliament are then largely overlooked for Ministerial positions. When the particularly loathsome Tony Abbott became Prime Minister he appointed himself Minister for Women.

That conservative women vote male isn’t the point - conservative women vote for conservative candidates - and they are deliberately male.



Couldn’t they just make John Henry to be a bi-racial bastard (as it probably happened)? I don’t really know the legend of John Henry all that well, so I don’t know if it’s super important that he’s from both black parents or if it could work with a white father…

Anyways, this is probably just gonna kill the movie, like the one with Johansen, recently… :smile:


The John Henry movie that everyone has been desperately hoping for in 2018!


Which may be a problem if it is an LOEG analogue and they try and market it that way. I don’t think that American folklore has very much recognition outside the US.

If it’s just a good story told and sold that way though it likely doesn’t matter.



I’m gonna take a stab in the dark and guess there’s probably more to what’s there in wikipedia (which is the little I knew already)…

Anyways, my point was that as far as I know there’s no real reason why John Henry couldn’t be a mixed-race person… Since there’s no actual records of who exactly he was (or if he even was at all).

Edit: And in fact, considering how this is now an issue, it would probably be (ironically) even more interesting to have a mixed-race John Henry and tell the story of such a man… since I’m sure being “whiter” wasn’t exactly a glass-ceiling breaker in those days, and apparently even today there seems to be a lot of stigma to being mixed race.


Where would we be without our daily outrage?