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Diversity in Modern Society


I think the term gets used too soon by some on the left side, and I think that is in some cases ridiculous. There is a specific definition of what white supremacist means and I haven’t seen Stephen Miller say anything conforming to that. (I could have missed it though.)

I hope you don’t find that insulting. I don’t think you are ridiculous as a person, but people can fall for ridiculous lines of reasoning. I know I have at times.


Interesting visualisation of the disparity between congress and the US population:

One of the current hot topics locally has been the lack of female MPs on the conservative side of politics, currently the government. Labor do much better, largely down to an official quota system that sees 48% of their MPs being female.


I realise that racial and gender equality are the hot-topic issues, but there’s this too. I suspect it happens a lot, possibly even more than racial abuse, but it’s never going to make it into the headlines because, eh, poor kids, who cares?


(Lima Sopoaga is an All Black rugby player just signed for an English club and playing against Newcastle tomorrow).


I’ve lived here 35 years now and I still have to concentrate to understand some of the people.

But I don’t go round ridiculing them for not having a posh accent.


Actually the “snobs bully the poor kid in school” is the basic plot of every story Pat Mills ever wrote for a girls’ comic in the 70s. He taught me that they’ll get their comeuppance and the poor kid will make good in the end :+1:


For balance, you can read The Bash Street Kids or Dennis The Menace for plenty of reverse-snobbery in action. :slight_smile:


To folks around here my wife doesn’t have much of an accent. When we go back to KC to visit her family they all talk about how she sounds so Southern now. She works with some super country sounding women and every so often she’ll say a word with five extra syllables where even my son and I have to laugh at it.


As I’ve gotten older, my Southern accent has become a bit more pronounced. Sometimes it will come out a bit stronger and Christel will tease me by calling me “Country Boy!”. :slight_smile: But sometimes, she’ll say something and the South will show in her voice and I’ll call her “Country Girl!”. :smile:


Ivor Lott and Tony Broke was basically a dialectic about the class struggle.


I’m pretty sure the Dandy even had a strip called The Slobs and the Snobs, which is about as blatant as you can get.


Beano and Dandy are well known communist propaganda. Comrades Menace & Minx are big fans of Stalin.


Fucking Tankies (EDIT TO ADD) You’d think with the red and black tops they’d be anarchists.


There seems to be quite a bit of of accent hatred in Britain. Could this have something to do with the whole class system?


Something? More like everything.


That is interesting, I never understood that whole side of British culture. Is the class system still so entrenched?

“Mockney” is also fascinating, pretending to have a folksy accent to gain some kind of credibility with the “common people”. I don’t think there is a Dutch equivalent for that. In the US I think Hilary Clinton did something similar trying to change her accent for different audiences.


It’s one of those things that the politicians like to say doesn’t matter, then it turns out that those politicians saying it all read PPE at Oxford or Cambridge.

It isn’t what it was, the world has changed but neither is it wholly gone either.


As a general rule, I don’t think midwesterners have very pronounced accents, particularly in the Kanasa-Nebraska-Iowa-Ohio parts, and the way of speaking is really close to dictionary English.

The only deviation I know of is that people tend to pronounce “wash” as “warsh” — and I’ve even seen a few people spell it that way when I was in school.

And, in a weird recent one, there was a tv commercial where they were wanting crayons donated to children and promounced them “crowns.” And it took me a while to figure out what they meant… crowns like kings wear? Dental crowns?

And,speaking of southern accents, a couple of years ago I called up DirecTV customer support, and the woman I spoke to had a really thick southern accent. She kept telling me to hold down the MUTE and SELECT buttons at the same time, but she pronounced “mute” like “me-you” and I thought she meant the MENU button… Took me forever to figure out what she meant.


Here’s the guy who did the voiceover on the commercial…

Doesn’t it sound like he’s saying “crown/s?”


Are MPs voted for? If most of them are men then isn’t it reasonable that conservative women also tend to vote male?

That’s the strange thing here. If we give people free choice then the results, though fair, may not be equitable.