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Wasn’t he Chinese-American?


Not according to any MOKF comics I’ve read.


Nope. Canonically, his father is literally Fu Manchu.


Of the Hampton Fus, of course.


I get that. But wasn’t Excalibur deliberately calibrated for British adventures? There’s just a ton of untapped potential there.


Yeah I knew that but I thought his mother was American. Maybe I just assumed it because he was an American secret agent in the comics I read as a kid.


Apparently she is, but that’s literally the only piece of information that’s ever been revealed about her. Her Wiki page is completely blank except for it.


Claremont has always liked Cap, and especially enjoyed his weirder adventures in the late 70s and 80s, and was incorporating elements of the Moore/Davis/Delano stories into X-Men for years before Excalibur launched - Psylocke bore the injuries she suffered at Slaymaster’s hands in Captain Britain Monthly 12 when she was introduced to the mainstream X-books in New Mutants annual 2.

It’s worth noting that Claremont intended to do a 2-year story with Jim Jaspers as the principal antagonist, the hints initially being dropped in Uncanny 200 and moving forward. In this plan, Jaspers would have been the architect of the Mutant Massacre, Nimrod would have merged with The Fury (he eventually merged with Master Mold in Uncanny 246) and he would have eventually been defeated with the aid of the Siege Perilous (which eventually became the X-Men fighting the Adversary during Fall of the Mutants), and in the middle of this Excalibur would have launched with Nightcrawler, Colossus, Shadowcat, Longshot, Captain Britain and Meggan as the team.

(But around the time Claremont was setting all this in motion, Marvel US reprinted some of Moore’s work from Doctor Who Magazine which included the Special Executive without his permission - and UK copyright laws give creators more rights over elements they create work for hire, and when he found out about that and Jaspers, he blocked their further use/reprinting)


British secret agent :slight_smile:

(We have all the best secret agents.)


Huh, I stand corrected. Fu Manchu says the mother is American in Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1. Story by Englehart and Starlin, so it seems like it was intended from the start, but oddly never referenced again.

Seems oddly out of character for Fu Manchu, whose main thing was the supremacy of the Chinese race.


All of them?


Have you ever watched The Man From U.N.C.L.E. ? They were rubbish secret agents.


I assume his mother was Chinese-American. I haven’t read much Shang-Chi, but I don’t think he’s ever identified as mixed-race.


That must be why THRUSH took over the world.

Oh wait, they didn’t.

(and really, show me a James Bond adventure where he doesn’t fuck up, get captured and only win out by the slimmest of margins)


I don’t know, racists marrying/getting off with foreigners is pretty common. Look at Farage, for instance. One of the most racist people I’ve ever had the displeasure of knowing hated Chinese people, despite (or possibly because of) his wife being Chinese. Maybe Fu Manchu’s xenophobia comes from a bad relationship with an American?


Bond is far more assassin than secret agent. As a spy he’s terrible. He goes around identifying himself by his real name and when he doesn’t the bad guys already know who he is anyway.


Lorcan is right. Excalibur came from Claremont loving the Moore/Davis/Delano run which had been discontinued so he started bringing the characters into the X-Books and asking for Davis to draw, first with Psylocke joining Uncanny X-Men and then Excalibur.

Of course the Moore run is actually pivotal to the Marvel Universe because that’s where the term 616 comes from, he first numbered the various Earths and Brian Braddock was from 616.


And to keep in mind the whole thing with Moore forbidding access to his characters, when Excalibur fought a Nazi alternate version of themselves, Cap’s equivalent was Hauptmann Englande rather than Kommandant Englander.


It’s exactly how I thought on Cpt Britain. I read somewhere it’s exclusively made for British comic fans.