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Diversity in Modern Society


Yeah right. Friends who just happen to make sweet love.



Is this directed at me?



I remember in college, in the early 90s, an unofficial group of gay students would hold these “coming out” days where they would say to wear something incredibly common, like blue jeans or an athletic logo shirt, to come out.


I found out recently that Hitler was gay, you know, the man directly or indirectly responsible for millions of deaths, and I am like… Wow! I never guessed, I mean; how come often it comes on among far right wing? Especially, in today’s world. But then I found that Marin LePen second in command is gay too. But, from personal experience I know a guy, homosexual, but deeply conservative and religious (Christian).


Must have been a surprise to his wife.


I think this is a disputed notion, to put it mildly.


From what I read, he was very unsuccessful with women.


A self made man like Hitler? I find that hard to believe.


A lot of heterosexual men are unsuccessful with women. A lot of gay men have to fight them off with a stick. :grin:


Tell me about it :smile:


Then, explain Iceman.


Iceman, real name Robert Drake, is a Marvel comics character introduced in Uncanny X-Men #1 (1963). As a founding member of the X-Men his powers were control over snow and ice.


Also, apparently, he cometh.



That reminds me of the nymphomaniac hypochondriac – whenever she started breathing fast, she didn’t know if she was coming or going.

Thank you; I’m here all week.




Strange considering how many women are attracted to assholes.


It certainly did it for Eva Braun.