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Diversity in Modern Society


As it comes from 4chan, it’s intent is suspect anyway, but, yeah, even if they want to claim the hand gesture is a just a joke, but when white supremacists are using it like a secret handshake, it’s not really a joke anymore.


But the problem is how do you know it’s a white supremacist flashing a secret code or some guy doing the circle game?
I think most folks wouldn’t have known it was some weird white power joke thing until there was all this outrage over it. We’re getting to the point where 4chan will make a meme that brushing teeth is a secret alt-right thing and then folks will freak out over dental hygiene.



That’s exactly why they do it


Does anyone other than kids play the circle game?


I get that; what I meant was “why are we so quick to yell ‘racism’ when it could be an honest mistake?”


Only if white supremacists start sharing photos of themselves brushing their teeth or pulling out toothbrushes at confirmation hearings.


Are we though? It seems to me it’s generally pointed to as a white supremacist sign when people like Richard Spencer do it


There were several cops and apparently some Coast Guard guy that got suspended for it. If it’s genuinely meant to be a white power sign then fuck them. The question needs to be asked if they knew ahead of time what some folks believe it to be, though.


Jewish Hispanic woman, descendant of Holocaust survivors accused of making a white power symbol.


Yeah when I went to look up the story I saw that for her it had been sort of debunked. The second time she seems to have been trolling people though.


She also served in the Trump White House under Stephen Miller (who is both Jewish and a white supremacist).


Neither of which make her a white supremacist.

Have you ever worked for an asshole boss? If so, does that make you one as well?


I quit.


If I work for a white supremacist, helping him pursue his white supremacist agenda, oh, and I just happen to throw up a sign on TV that has been co-opted by white supremacists, then I might just be a white supremacist.


Did you read the article I posted? I’ll leave you with this quote from her husband:

“Everyone tweeting this vicious conspiracy theory should be ashamed of themselves,”

  1. Yes, I read the article.
  2. No, I’m not ashamed of myself.



Stephen Miller is a creep but I haven’t seen anything that makes him a white supremacist. The way that term gets bandied about is ridiculous.