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Diversity in Modern Society


I don’t think so. Hugh Grant was the lead in a gay romance and became a heartthrob leading man, Tom Hanks won an Oscar for Philadelphia and remains an “American National Treasure”.

I don’t think there is. I think Hollywood is very risk averse, they have said for years global audiences don’t want films with black leads, not that they are against them, and then Black Panther made a billion dollars including being a massive hit in places like Asia.

In the 60s they went to great lengths to pretend that The Beatles didn’t have girlfriends (and John was even married) so they seemed attainable for the teen girl audience. That’s mostly passed now but they still do it with K-Pop acts in Korea.

As with professional sports there is a statistical anomaly with the absence of gay people in leading positions. We know they exist, in England the head of the football players union told gay rugby player Gareth Thomas in a documentary he has had confidential discussions with several Premier League players who are afraid to come out in a macho environment. (Thomas is extremely rare in being an out gay man in a team pro sport, tou can count them on one hand almost, and he lived a lie for many years to the extent he got married to a girl he knew growing up).

In film there should be some leading actors who are gay you’d think (we know the South Park jokes about Tom Cruise and his closet) but I suspect they are afraid that conservative approach by execs could harm their careers. We saw that with Rock Hudson, admittedly in a less open era than now but he put up a facade for fear of losing those parts. A couple of years after Hudson’s death Ian McKellen was confident enough to come out publicly but his career was very different, as a stage actor then playing classical roles. (Notably for both Hudson and McKellen their fellow actors knew they were gay for years but they kept it out of the public domain so I don’t think at all the issue is internally in the acting profession).


This is the most recent photo of me on my phone. No hipster here.


That’s something a hipster would say…


Hipsters don’t wear Adidas jackets.


Only ironically.


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While Comicsgate in its current form may be attributed to Meyer and Van Sciver, the movement has largely been given leave to exist for years by the very same people who have seen fit to decry its actions in recent weeks. Despite what the latest flood of Twitter statements from white male comics creators would have you believe, when it comes to issues of marginalisation, their preferred tactic is silence, and a hope that this will all just blow over.


Saladin Ahmed responds to some abuse he’s gotten with a nice bit of humour.


I don’t know if this has been covered here or not but I just saw some article about cops flashing the upside down OK sign, which is apparently some 4chan started joke that it’s a white power sign?

I thought this was thecircle game?


If the white power assholes think they can appropriate the “OK” sign in any manner I will have to break their little fingers for them. First we fought Nazis, then we hunted Nazis, now there’s neo-Nazis, and I find myself unable to tolerate anything Nazi.

“White power” makes me want to go out and buy some melanin.




No, this is the circle game.


Yeah, I only recently found out about this too after Kavaughn’s former assistant was caught on camera doing it during his congressional hearing.


This is just your way to get everyone to look at the circle you devious bastard.


Oh. That’s so NOT what I thought the circle game was.


Want to see where the horse bit me?


It’s a common thing on 4chan to try and spread false explanations for innocuous gestures, habits, stories and the like, to see how far they can get said explanations into pop culture, and then laugh at how gullible ‘normies’ are.

The whole thing about the OK sign being a secret white supremacist sign started off like that, except a bunch of actual white supremacists started using it as a result, and now it kinda is one.


I want to thank Lorcan for patrolling parts of the internet I don’t care to visit just to keep us in the loop. You’re doing a heck of a job Lorcan!


If the Buddha is into white power it’s gotta be good.