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Is Kit Harington gay?


Not that I’m aware of.


Has Game of Thrones cast a gay actor?


How does he know they haven’t? The person(s) may not be open about it.

You would need to ask Emilia Clarke and Rose Leslie that question.


Why is it even relevant? Actors should be hired based on their acting ability not their sexuality.


To be fair to him at the event he’s at I am sure he’s just addressing a lack of gay leading actors generally and Marvel now is the most mainstream success story in movies. I read it as a current twist on an age old question about a seeming lack of representation in Hollywood generally.


I get it bit am more interested in why we’ve had three Banners and not one good Hawkeye.


Because Hawkeye sucks. There solved it for you. That was easy.


That’s how it should be.

But the fact is that they’re not hired just based on their ability and not their sexuality. It’s part of the reason this thread exists.

The number of out actors is increasing, but you can bet many are still being advised that coming out will reduce the number of roles they get offered, expecially any that require them to play heterosexual, romantic leads.

It’s ridiculous, but it’s still an issue.


The issue is more about whether talented actors aren’t getting hired because they’re gay.


If Hollywood didn’t hire gay actors there wouldn’t be a Hollywood.


Gay and ‘out’ isn’t the same thing, though.


Anybody else born, raised, and lived 47 years in Hollywood proper? Anyone? Hands?

A heterosexual monogamous human is the rarest of creatures in Hollywood.

Everybody has a tweak.

Look at me, I like comic books!


To clarify, I mean out and gay.


Yeah, the only “out” Marvel actors I can think of are Tessa Thompson and Lee Pace, neither of whom were out when they were cast.


That’s a personal choice for each gay person to make. Doesn’t mean they don’t get roles, or that their sexuality isn’t known about and accepted within the production community. John Travolta might be provately gay, we wouldn’t know, I’m sure those who work with him would and it wouldn’t stop him from getting roles.

I think once you come out it becomes the defining thing about your person (at least in the eyes of many people), and so you’re endlessly questioned about it or it becomes your defining characteristic. Even with that there are lots of openly gay actors in show biz. If the speculation is that people don’t get hired because they’re gay I think we’d already be inundated with stories about just that happening. Acting is one of the industries where image matters in what you do - older women don’t get cast in certain roles, older men don’t get cast in certain roles, short men or big men or fat men or thin men - they all just take other roles because who they are has to fit the character they portray. But I’d bet an actor like Alan Cumming as a random example doesn’t get turned down just because he’s gay.

I don’t know how much being gay gets in the way of being hired anymore. I think the world has mostly moved on.


What was the last film Cummings headlined?


I have no idea. He’s not really a movie star is he?


We’re talking about out gay actors not being cast as the headliners in Hollywood films. You’re the one who chose him as a reference, if he’s not a relevant one what’s the point?

According to IMDB, he mostly plays small supporting roles and voice work. The last time he headlined a film was in 2012, playing a gay man.