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Diversity in Modern Society


Ah, that’s what I was thinking of!


That’s the ticket!


Other notable creations

Contest of Champions also featured Guillotine from France

In 1793, an ancestor of Sauvage, Jean Desmarais, found the mythical Fleur du Mal sword in the Paris catacombs when escaping the authorities for being a revolutionary. Since then, it was passed on to his descendants with the most recent one being Jeannine Sauvage

Marvel future fight has introduced Sharon Rogers

alternate universe where Captain America was never frozen in ice at the end of World War II, Steve Rogers and Allied resistance fighter Agent Peggy Carter celebrated V-Day with a private marriage ceremony. Peggy was assigned to South Korea as part of a S.H.I.E.L.D. peace-keeping task force, the couple relocated and one year later welcomed the birth of their daughter Sharon.

AKA Korean born Cap

Future fight have also introduced Korean Luna Snow
When A.I.M. ambushed a Stark Industries party where aspiring singer Seol Hee was performing, her attempts to defend the partygoers caused A.I.M. agents to lock her in a storage freezer. During her escape, she knocked over the contents of an energy experiment, exposing her to elements that granted her ice powers which she then used to defeat A.I.M. Her heroic actions made her an overnight sensation, and she continues to use her talent and powers under the name “Luna Snow” – part time pop star, part-time Super Hero!

She also has a music video

Also an attempt in Marvel’s point one issue in 2011 to introduce Chinese characters Coldmoon and Dragonfire in a story titled “Yin & Yang” by Fred Van Lente and Salvador Larocca kind of went nowhere.
Apparantly they were intended for a chinese mobile game that never got off the ground

I’m sure there are more


Morrison did the Great Ten years ago, think they debuted in 52? Don’t know if anyone did anything with the characters though.


They appeared in New Super-Man and the Justice League of China.

They were aight.


Honestly, I don’t see point in these many these different characters in the world of comics, while the stories usually fall flat. Why care about some Captain China instead Captain America?
The readers, different by their ethnicity, are mostly suckers for the already old classic characters. Some kid from, let’s say from Phillipines (if there is), certainly won’t gonna see some Phillipino Batman instead Bruce Wayne (and who is fan of Gotham Dark Knight) .


Captain Britain freaking rules and I say that as an American. There could absolutely be a great Captain China, why not?


New Super-Man and the JLC are also pretty goddamn amazing.
The Aqua-Man of North Korea just busted this new arc as well, character find of 2018.


The flip side is that the biggest new character is Muslim Ms Marvel.


The Guardians prove that new characters can quickly become markee properties. And Marvel need more new characters to keep their entire machine going. Often they’re not good at new characters - they don’t have the talent to create compelling heroes or villains that fans fall in love with. But I think there’s a real need for fresh ideas in Marvel these days so I applaud every effort they make. Really all fans should, I don’t understand the mindset of not giving space for new ideas.


Do yourself a huge favor and track down the (ahem) nine-issue mini-series from Tony Bedard and Scott McDaniel, where each member receives a character study. It’s one of my all-time favorite comics, hugely unappreciated otherwise. (Sold so poorly that DC seriously cut an issue from what should obviously have been a ten issue series.) August General-in-Iron was a member of Justice League International at the start of the New 52. Good to hear they show up at some point in New Super-Man.


Fresh new ideas, not characters, whose only trait is that they are not American. I certainly don’t wanna read about Cpt China. I want about Steve.

@RobertB I don’t think Captain Britain is quite Marvel character. Same goes for Marvelmen.


He’s absolutely a Marvel character. Created by Chris Claremont and Herb Trimpe in 1976


Why? He was launched from the NY Bullpen offices by Chris Claremont and Herb Trimpe and edited by Stan Lee’s brother. From very early on teamed up with existing heroes:

Completely different to Marvelman who was never intended to be a Marvel character.


That cover absolutely looks like Captain Britain hit Red Skull in the face with his arse.


That’s the “British” part :wink:


I kinda want to photoshop “two world wars and one world cup” eithe rinto the banner or Captain Britain’s dialogue box.


I’m not sure what Milstar means, but as far as how Marvel uses Captain Britain, it’s much the same as how DC has tended to use characters it has acquired from another publisher, in fits and starts, and usually in isolation.


He was in an X-book for years and an Avenger for a while.


There’s a lot of Marvel characters like that. When was the last time Stingray or Triathalon or Rage showed up?

Fred Hembeck even did a gag strip about Captain Britain back when Excalibur launched, where Brother Voodoo was exasperated that Cap got added to an X-Men book despite being even more obscure than he was.