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Diversity in Modern Society


I love comics. I believe the comic community is capable of telling great stories by a diverse range of individuals. The possibilities are endless. Sometimes we have victory stories like Ms. Marvel which stars a Pakistani-American, Muslim, female, teenager written by an American, Muslim female. Sometimes on our road to a better world, there are growing pains. Incidents that stifle this growth are brought to light and need to be discussed. This thread is a place for all of those things both positive and negative. As this is a difficult topic, we, the Mod community on Millarworld, ask that you take special care in being polite and considerate to those involved in these situations and your fellow posters. Posts that get out of hand will be deleted and if the thread gets out of control, it will be closed. Thank you.

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The DC Comics Thread

Alex de Campi has some unkind words about DC, in relation to the Sensation Comics cancellation:

[quote]Sensation is edited in a special projects/digital office, an office which is sadly under-utilized in the internal turf wars of DC and faces shutdown/restructuring as a senior male staff member finds it unnecessary… despite the plaudits its books (including Sensation) have achieved.

The main Wonder Woman comic is part of the Superman office. Now, the Superman office allegedly employs no women, and a cursory glance over the mastheads of several Superman titles and Wonder Woman seems to confirm that allegation. The reason, I’ve been told by several people who work or used to work at DC, is because one of the most senior editors is a sexual harasser with multiple incidents on his HR file. I don’t use “alleged” here because at least one incident (grabbing a woman’s breasts) happened publicly at a corporate social gathering with multiple witnesses. There was also something about sticking his tongue down an artist’s girlfriend’s throat when the artist was in the bathroom. Again, public gathering.

It is not known to me whether the no-chicks-in-Supes-office diktat is the preference of the harasser, or whether it’s the HR department crossing its fingers and hoping to Jesus they don’t get hit with a liability lawsuit so big it’s visible from space. This guy was kept in the move to Burbank despite his record – allegedly because he has blackmail on one of DC’s most senior staff members.


If the digital office is being shut, I hope it doesn’t hurt Bombshells.


Presumably she also doesn’t use the word “alleged” because she doesn’t actually name the supposed culprit.


Wow, thanks for sharing. I went and read the entire thing. Congrats on her for standing up to crap like this.
I noticed that Gail Simone reblogged it.


It’s just shocking to me that in this day and age that people can get away with that sort of behaviour in the workplace. How sad for the others who have to work in such an environment.

I guess this also explains why Batman '66 has been canceled despite being critically acclaimed and (I thought) selling well; just a casualty of office politics.


Maybe but to be honest DC’s digital offerings have been as erratic as hell from the off. They stop and sometimes come back with no warning. They stopped the Batman and Superman out of continuity comics after around the same time span so Sensation Comics finishing hardly surprises me.


Not quite sure what to make of this. Most of me admires her courage for speaking up and possibly costing herself work, but there’s a part of me that thinks the best way to handle situations like this is through proper administrative and legal channels, not Tumblr posts.


I assume she isn’t naming names for fear of being sued but, honestly, if she wanted to cause actual change then she should have named names. Doing so would have forced some kind of response from DC. She talks about the companies protecting harassers but by not naming them in effect she too is protecting them.

One thing that strikes me as a little weird is her comment that the Wonder Woman comic is included in the Superman office and that the Superman office doesn’t employ any women. Wonder Woman is currently being written by a woman. It doesn’t undermine her allegations but it does stick out.


If she did name the person and get sued, she could probably get HR records through the discovery process. Realizing that, WB/DC may not even want to sue her in the first place. It could be a win for her.


Either way, I think naming a supposed well-known offender as belonging to a narrow and easily-identifiable group without actually identifying them is a bit of a shitty thing to do to all the other people in that group. Unless she considers them all somehow guilty by association.


To be fair, it’s easy to find out who she’s talking about; the Outhousers article all but names him.


It’s not really something I feel compelled to go and seek out, and chances are I still wouldn’t know who he was anyway. It all feels a bit gossipy and unseemly doing something like this through innuendo and implication rather than just coming out and naming him.

That said, I can understand why she may feel pressured to not be able to do so. But if you’re going to make it clear enough for people who are interested to understand who it is anyway, then what’s the difference?


Legally, I think it probably makes a big difference.


I’m not sure it makes as much difference as you might think, if you give enough information to identify them clearly.

It seems that she’s stopped just short of doing that herself though, and is leaving it to others to join the dots, whether through knowledge or guesswork.

Which seems like a pretty unpleasant atmosphere to perpetuate. Take that Outhouse article as an example - it alludes to a handful of Marvel writers as “bad drunks”, and people in the comments are having lots of fun throwing names around guessing who they might be.

It just feels like it plays to people’s worst gossipy instincts.


Yeah, the whole “Dude, I’ll bet it’s Fraction and Bendis that are the drunks!” thing is exactly the kind of reactionI expected and got when I read the article. Again, I salute her for having the courage to say “enough is enough,” but the gossipy-nature of the execution leaves a little to be desired, and can really only lead to speculation that might hurt the reputations of people who don’t deserve it.


It was pretty easy to figure out. Allegations of misconduct are even on the guy’s wikipedia page. I’m not sure how MW feels about naming the guy, so I won’t, but this kind of information has hit the news about him before. I think de Campi gave enough information without having to potentially put herself on the line. As a woman in comics, she already has the deck stacked against her without needing to be further blacklisted.

The biggest issue, though, is that there are at least five highly placed harassers in the industry. Looking at a lot of the reaction from pros (creators, editors, and journos) to her piece, there seems to be no challenge on that claim.

EDIT: One thing to consider is that this guy is in editorial and that, according to de Campi’s post (and I’ve seen this corroborated by other pros on Twitter) he has blackmail on a higher-up for similar behavior. So who do you safely report to in an environment like that?


By office I believe she meant editorial. Meredith Finch wouldn’t be writing scripts from the DC offices.


If the allegations are true then the guy needs his head kicked in after he’s fired.

I can’t imagine this getting out will make DC more female friendly.


She said “Now, the Superman office allegedly employs no women, and a cursory glance over the mastheads of several Superman titles and Wonder Woman seems to confirm that allegation” so, no, she doesn’t seem to be talking about editorial.


Her post is talking about the physical office, though. This editor is apparently not allowed around women by HR, or has chosen not to employ women in the office out of self-protection. I took her looking through the mastheads to be looking for female names in editorial.

Also, she wrote for a Wonder Woman comic not too long ago. Her wording could’ve been clearer, but I think it’s clear she’s talking about women who would be in proximity to this guy due to sharing office space.