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Hi guys

Great to be here in MillarWorld 2.0. I’m a writer of stuff and I guess I’ll post links to my stuff etc here.

Here’s a column I’m starting on WeBeGeeks. It’s going to focus on creator owned self-published indie comics

Please share it around on social Medea…I mean, media!


Hi guys!

Here’s the second article in my column for We Be Geeks. It a feature on that awful, awful @mattgarvey1981 :wink:


Very good, Ditta!


thanks buddy! :smiley:


Hi guys.

Here’s a quick update. I’m back to doing my weekly column for those nice guys at We Be Geeks in which I review/promote indie comics which are worth reviewing/promoting. Anyone who has something that they want to bring to my attention - hit me up on Twitter.

Also, I’m back into writing comics and stuff. Currently working on an interesting idea with @EllBalson (dunno when I’ll be able to hand in the first script though). Also working on my first creator-owned story titled “Bitter”. Working on the script but if it goes to plan I can see this being pretty gnarly.

I’m back and better than ever…I think,

Bonus Personal Info

Finally, currently I’m working as a customer service advisor for a large telecommunication provider. It could be better to be honest. That’s why I’m looking for something that’ll…be more incline with me and who I am. What I mean, is I am looking to see if I can get going in a career as a content writer/copywriter or even in marketing. I’m not leaving my job as I’m grateful to have one/have a family to support but I am aiming to move into a field that suits me and I guess, just wish me luck.


You’re trying to sell us cell phones, aren’t you?


Hey guys.

Just a quick catch up. I’m to going to have a short story in the Nottingham Comic Con Anthology with the art by the talented Katie Fleming. I’m currently working on a book with @EllBalson which is pretty interesting.

Finally, career-wise, I’m taking a marketing course to get myself ahead in the field.

Finally, finally. I will be at Thought Bubble this year again and I’m already stupidly excited about it :smiley:


Here’s some cool new info, fellas!


Hey guys,

Here’s another update. The Kickstarter for @EllBalson and my new comic Untethered is to go live early next month, Get ahead of the curve and like the Facebook page here!


It’s up, people! :slight_smile:


Yup it sure is!

Kickstarter is now live!


Just a quick update, guys. I am writing up issue #3 (#2 script was finished just a few weeks ago) and thus wrapping up this arc of Untethered.

I’m not sure when we’ll get all the issues out but myself and @EllBalson are hoping to get at least issue #2 our by Thought Bubble this year.

But, yeah, exciting times :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

I get to tick something off my bucket list!

I got interviewed for a podcast!

Give it a listen over here:


The Kickstarter for Untethered 2 is now up, guys!


Hey guys,

Just to let you know that we are into the last 13 DAYS of the Kickstarter for Untethered #2

Share are most welcome :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that the Kickstarter for Untethered 2 - a book by @EllBalson and myself - is into its last THREE DAYS!

So, we would really appreciate any shares, retweets or money you can throw at this campaign - especially in these last few days

Also here some prints and artwork for you to enjoy! ':blush: