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Disunity #1, my indie comic, is free to read!


Hey all,

First-time poster here. I’d very much like to introduce myself as well as some of my work to these parts. Disunity is a sci-fi-noir digital comic that we’re publishing via ComiXology Submit. I am co-writing the series in collaboration with its illustrator, Ron Batchelor.

Our narrative is a tale of horror and redemption. It follows scientist John Connati, whose failed physics experiment doomed planet Earth by opening an interdimensional wormhole. I’ve included a few preview pages below, but the entirety of our first issue is available for free via this link: Disunity #1 direct download.

Issue two has been approved by ComiXology and is now in the upload queue for cX Submit (a process that can take anywhere from three weeks to three months). In the meantime, feel free to follow along at, @POVComics, and @Blotch_Comics.

Thanks for checking us out!


I love the twist! Great work!


Thanks for the kind words, @Sonneveld! I’ll be sure to keep this thread updated as future issues release.

Number two was published by cX Submit today, available at this link, and I’ve included a small preview below: