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Disturbing Elsa, Spider-Man and Joker videos

Trust me when I say this is the most disturbing shit you will see all day. There’s hundreds of them, they get millions of hits and every kid I know is obsessed with them:


Kids like a lot of weird stuff now.

Like Five Nights at Freddys, which is this very grisly Chucky-type game that everyone under 8 seems to love.

Hell, Scholastic Books published a novel based on the series that describes mutilations in detail.

I can’t even find the really weird ones. BUT THIS ONE HAS 68 MILLION VIEWS!!!

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Quick, no one tell Chief about those horrifying online games where some weird company has taken Disney and Cartoon characters to play weirdly realistic hospital games.

From the topic title I got my hopes up on a superhero-themed installment of the Ilsa series.

I was sadly/luckily mistaken…

I think that Joker is scarier than Heath Ledger.

This is … this is like a silent movie?

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This actually feels a lot like the Teletubbys, which probably just goes to show that too many parents are letting their pre-school kids watch youtube videos.

Kind of clever though. That Teletubby market was never fully explored.

The guys that do those are now millionaires.

This is the world we live in.

It’s worse than any nightmarish vision thought up by man before now.