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Discussion of the Thread of the Planet of the Apes (of the)

I recently rewatched all of the film entries in the franchise, from the good (Original), to the bad (Battle), and to the ugly (Burton)…and I have to say that it’s still an entertainingly wild ride.

From the things that do not make sense, the stuff so audaciously ignored or pushed into narrative without care, it’s simply unforgettable.

So, what is everyone’s thoughts on the series here? Which are your favorite or least favorites?
For me, the favorite has to be Escape…just for how enormously ridiculous it is as a story.

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I watched the TV series before the films and then there was a Planet Of The Apes season during which they were all shown. Escape is my favourite too. It was so ridiculously outlandish by that point and McDowall played it as straight as a die, I loved it!

I have no interest in the recent remakes despite being told they’re great. I’ve always shied away from re-watching them too. Some things are too awesome in my mind to not keep locked up in there with no re-watching or modern prequel disaster movie reboot type films to affect them in any way.

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I’ve actually never seen any of the shows (either the live action or the cartoon), but I’ll have to put them on my to-do list.
It’s just so amazingly mindboggling a movie. It goes from a kooky sci-fi thing, to sitcom antics, to tense thriller one after the other in just an hour and a half!
Plus, the plot holes give it some rather nice charm.

The recent remakes are pretty good. They’re clearly made with some love and reverence to the series and are more like “what if we streamlined everything?”. It has great effect, but if that’s not your boat then that’s alright.

I haven’t rewatched the original movies in ages, but it’s nice to see the progression of ideas and the general gestalt.

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I actually like the idea of them doing prequels instead of carrying on trying to reboot it but I just hold them up as a kooky thing we’re likely not to see again and the tone and streamlining are a bit too realistic that I find any clips I’ve seeing so jarring to my memories.

That seems strange to say as realism in stories is something we crave as audience, but in this case, the ridiculousness was so much a part of the charm for me.

I think if they keep making them and it becomes more and more outlandish as it goes I’d maybe give them a go.

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I think they’re plenty outlandish…the second more than the first at least.
We get the burgeoning ape society, the Lawgiver, and the beginnings of the caste systems.
Again, yeah, even the Burton movie had so much more camp to it (and is better than people give it credit for I think) that the two Prequel/Reboot movies have…but it’s coming up.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the next gave us some semblance of the color coded clothes.
I’d love for them to at least make them up until Taylor and his crew get to the future. I want to see that movie based on these aesthetics.

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I think I would like that if they fully went in to doing re-filming as opposed to trying to change the twists or whatever. I will see what the the next one looks like and may do all three in a row. To be fair, from the title it’s already a million times more interesting to me than the previous two.

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Again, neither viewpoint is really wrong, but in the original series you have Zira saying that “200 years from now Apes will evolve to talk”, and then when you reach Conquest you realize “nope, turns out it only took 20”. It’s that sort of stuff that the new series seems more focused on justifying. Which is fine…I don’t hold a soft spot for Beneath or Battle, so the new takes are at least not on the lowest rung.

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I’m fortunate enough to have a father that is a sci-fi aficionado, and despite my first contact with the series being with the Burton film, he encouraged me to watch the original. I loved it! Didn’t care much about the others from the original saga though.
Now, when it comes to the remakes, I really liked Rise, but Dawn stepped up in every aspect, despite dropping James Franco and the jump in time (I kind of wanted to see how society crumbled, not just on as a montage at the beginning).
If they stick with the emotional aspect, focusing on character instead of action/explosions, War can be a fitting end for this first trilogy, I just hope that they build the next one (I think it is inevitable at this point, giving the current state of Hollywood) with the same passion and attention that they had this time!

This sounds like it would be my favourite aspect.

The original POTA was great, and the surprise ending floored me the first time I saw it. The second one (Beneath…) was lukewarm, but the third (Escape From…) was another winner, in that it mimicked the plot of the first film but turned the tables on the human-ape relationship. The last two were pointless drivel made on very tiny budgets that impacted everything from sets to makeup to special effects.

The current series (Rise and Dawn) has had some great performances, and the special effects are as good as it gets, and I’m looking forward to the next sequel (War for the Planet of the Apes). it kinda bothers me that the only consistent character in the three films is Andy Serkis’ Caesar, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Hahaha. Don’t say that, he is a legit actor :stuck_out_tongue:
But it’s more because of the character and his arc in the story, not the actor necessarily.

That’s precisely my point. I wanted to keep following those characters from Rise, how they changed and adapted, what they did to survive, and how they eventually died

True. I completely loved watching him cut off his own arm with a pen knife.

They are definitely Ceasar’s movies.
I also hope that the third shakes this trend of him being the one character with a great arc.
Didn’t make the conflict between him and Koba/Aldo any less thrilling, but it lessened the impact about other secondary characters.

Conquest made the biggest mistake of the series.
It promised more Ricardo Montalban than it could offer…which was next to nothing.
Battle had nothing redeemable about it.

Nah, Him being dropped was a big plus.

Separate post for the Burton Remake.
It did a lot of different things. Some good, some bad, some weird.
But it sure wasn’t boring.

I rather like the new series. It might be my favorite current franchise, along with X-Men.

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Oh, no doubt.
I enjoy the new series a lot.
It’s definitely played with a lot of respect to the mythology that came before, but not too much respect haha.
Definitely want some color coded clothing.

I’m not so sure. We already “know” Caesar’s arc, he is the one character that will always be there because, like you said, they are Caesar’s movies. I just wish to see someone else story unfold parallel to Caesar’s, not just the story of “what is left of society”, you know what I mean?

Me too and I think it’s good that they aren’t really re-making the originals and so inviting direct comparison.

The only downside is because we know the eventual status quo there are no real surprises storywise* but if you accept that, as we do with things like Apollo 13 or Titanic, they are very well crafted films and there’s huge scope for them to expand through the timeline.

*and as pointed out recently the trailer for Rise is basically a two minute summary of the entire film. :smile:

Despite never really being a fan beforehand, I loved the two new movies. Good stories with solid performances and amazing effects. I’m really looking forward to the third one.

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