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Hello everyone! I’m Alex Thompson and I used to be a longtime member of the original version of the forums. It’s taken me this long to join the newest incarnation, but now I’m here!

I’m a writer and I do all sorts of comics of every genre. Most of my stuff is published through my own Approbation Comics, I have things through other publishers, too. Since this is a cool place to discuss what we’re working on, I thought I’d show off a few of my projects to get some thoughts and feedback.

One of the newest comics out is this one-shot…

The Beast - After finding a mangled hunter while on a camping holiday with friends, a college student is dragged deep into the forest wilderness by an unidentifiable creature. Badly wounded, alone, and scared he pushes through taxing physical and mental obstacles to insure his survival. Can he save his friends and himself before THE BEAST overtakes them all?

For something more tongue-in-cheek, there’s my longest running series Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls vs. Zombies.

So that’s the intro… any questions, thoughts, or comments? Anything would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:


Today’s #NCBD brings us a new arch called “The Road to Salvation,” starting with this issue #25! I really like this part of the series and where it takes the storyline.

Aaaaaand since I didn’t post a sample that shows more of the Approbation library before, I’ll post one here…

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Very cool man. I love horror. Especially b-movie horror films. I also love the diverse cast set up.


I just saw you did some writing for Lion Forge. Right on man. I did some writing for them late last year and a few things this year into the summer.


Thank you! Yes, us horror fans have to stick together. We’re like a subset of a subset!

Sweet, what did you work on? I did “The Chosen.” The first issue made it to Amazon as a digital comic, but it went down when all the Catalyst Prime books were removed. Hopefully they’ll put the whole series out in TPB form and add the single issues to ComiXology.


Today’s #NCBD issue of Chaos Campus #26 continues the “The Road to Salvation” arch… grab your copy via ComiXology today!


FYI - Yes, we have print comics, too! Digital is not your only way to get your fix of Approbation Comics! Check out our print library today!


The long awaited crossover between Adam Black’s Locus & Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls vs. Zombies is almost here! Until then, check out our covers for this milestone issue!


Flesh for the Unborn #1 - (Action/Horror) - In a town ravaged by pregnant women on a murderous rampage, a determined husband seeks to protect his pregnant wife from the mistrust of other survivors as they search for salvation and a solution.

Zeitgeist #3 - (Slice of Life/Humor) - Quirky twenty/thirtysomethings navigate employment struggles, potential romances, and all around humorous life experiences in their zany Southern California misadventures!


Are you curious about the Chaos Campus series, but haven’t tried it yet? Are you a fan of the series, but interested in knowing more about the origins and creative process? Check out the Retrospective series we have going on via Comics For Sinners! For more about the first 20 issues of Chaos Campus, just click: Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4 & Volume 5.


Introducing Hellbourne… which is another project I’ve had on the back burner for years finally seeing print (and digital). Check out the first issue!


As we enter SDCC week, we have a lot of new comics available in both print and digital form!

The Chaos Campus series continues to evolve with the latest three issues…

Chaos Campus #30 - Print Issue / Digital Issue
Super Chaos Babies - In a battle with Brass Monkey, our heroines are reverted back to childhood, but with a twist: They now have super powers! With Oliver’s help, can our “Chaos Babies” save the survivor town from the cybernetic ape’s evil plan?
Chaos Campus #31 - Print Issue / Digital Issue
Juggernauts - The slasher-on-slasher fight we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! Kurtis Kasey the Body Snatcher versus Mikhail the Meat Man… with our heroines and innocents caught in the crossfire!
Chaos Campus #32 - Print Issue / Digital Issue
Lineage - Britt’s declining health comes to a turning point and our heroines have to find a solution before it’s too late. But how does a new town of survivors and Greek Gods fit into the equation? Find out in this game-changing issue!


It’s been a while since I’ve added an update, so I hope these are worth the wait! Starting off with a book I’m super proud of called Surfacing!

Surfacing #1 - Print Issue / Digital Issue
With the great winter storms approaching, Nanuk and his friends go out into the arctic wilderness to try and hunt game. Misfortune hits the hunting party leaving Nanuk stranded out in the wide icy ocean. His only hope for survival lies at the mercy of Sedna, the Mistress of the Sea… or death at the hands of the monstrous Qalupalik.

For “Adults Only” due to “Sadistic Violence,” we have the Alpha Male mini series…

Alpha Male #1 - Print Issue / Digital Issue
Frank “The Alpha Male” Riley seems to have it all. After he was kicked out of M.M.A. fighting for his explosive temper, he found a new career in Hollywood as an actor. While his career is going strong, his personal life has a lot of rebuilding needed. What was supposed to be a relaxing day with his daughter becomes a potentially deadly experience with his ex-wife’s new husband.

Alpha Male #2 - Print Issue / Digital Issue
With one dead body under his belt, Noah continues to terrorize the household. Frank and Trisha struggle to survive this hazardous and compromising situation. Things go from bad to worse outside the house as the whole neighborhood have embraced their primal desires in a morbidly questionable barbecue.