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Disappearing avatars


Some folks might have noticed that their little avatars have been missing lately. I’ve narrowed it down to two possible solutions:

  1. It’s upgrade glitches by the hosting company and should be gone in a few more days.

  2. We’ve got a ghost in the message board. This is a very serious problem, and not a marketing stunt for the Ghostbusters movie. If your avatar is missing it means you’ve been marked by the ghost. If that happens the ghost will visit within the next 48 hours. To prevent this you have to stay awake & keep all the lights on reading Mark Millar comics and watching Mark Millar movies. We recommend you post once an hour in this thread so we know you’re still ok.

This is not a drill.


Since they seem to come and go randomly and some people can see them and others can’t I can see no other explanation than the ghost.

I am an IT professional so you can take that as definitive.


It’s weird where the disappearing avatars exhibit. It will sometimes be everywhere and sometimes it’s only under certain circumstances.

Maybe the ghost is trying to modify our behavior in some way.


So it’s not just a ghost, it’s a social engineering ghost? Curiouser and curiouser!


Simon, I noticed you’ve slipped down the ranks of most important Joneses. That ghost must really have it in for you!!


Your avatar is one that consistently doesn’t show under any circumstances, Jerry. Can you please post more frequently so we all know you’re OK.


I can see Jerry’s Avatar.


I ain’t afraid of no ghosts.


Curiouser and curiouser.


@PaulF couldn’t see his own avatar and I could. This is the mystery of the century.


Yeah, I got annoyed at not seeing it and re-uploaded it manually. I still see blank pictures for a bunch of people. No-one is showing as Letters in Coloured Circles for me anymore.


Alx is showing up as a green circle and capital A for me.


Al still is, along with a few others, but most are blank.

Here’s the Latest Posts Users Column for me:


Weird. I’m seeing much more avatars than that:


Mine ghosted yesterday, I just happened to stay up all night reading Millar books and watching Millar movies (My standard Monday night, I call them Millar Mondays). Now it is back to Bear Chris. I got very lucky.


I wonder if it has something to do with the browser being used. Last night, I could pull the board up on my iPhone but not my Macbook.


Thank the gods that I’m safe!


It’s ghosts. I can see Bruce’s avatar in his post, but in your reply to him it’s missing.


So I’m I ghost and I didn’t realise it? Man, now I know how Bruce Willis felt at the end of that movie.


That’s what I’m talking about with certain circumstances. Some avatars I only see in the small reply bubble.