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Director Tim Miller has left Deadpool 2


I know and like Tim and think he’s a genius.

I can’t believe how much news coming through today, but what’s your thoughts on this?



Sometimes a producer needs to be a therapist. Having heard some details but not knowing either individual past taped interviews, one might think that instead of pulling apart, the disparate views might works well up against each other. I think the problem here might be traditional roles, particularly that of director. Tim Miller likes effects and such, so this may be the odd situation where someone who might traditionally be a second unit director switches hats with director. Miller could focus on effects and the overall, the second unit person could do the acting and comedy.

Does that make any sense?


Bad news, but let’s see who they hire instead?

That’s callous of me, as I think he did a stellar job on the first film, but it wasn’t just him and they can find someone who will maintain the tone that we all enjoyed.

I also want to see what he does next?


Not happy but it will be interesting to see who takes over.


Apparently due to creative differences with Ryan Reynolds.

And that’s never a good sign.


They had a perfect marriage and delivered the biggest movie to come out of the X franchise. And no-one saw it coming. To break up now is like the Beatles breaking up just after the Ed Sullivan show.


I loved the first movie, so this is a disappointment. I just hope that this is not a sign of studio executives now deciding to pay oh-too-much attention to the sequel now that they know how lucrative it could be. Reports are that the creative differences were over who is going to be cast as Cable, which is silly as we all know the correct answer is Keira Knightley.


I’m more curious to see if they will directly remergence it in the movie?


There’s a petition for Quentin going around on FB to Direct. I’d sign it. Then all would be right again with the universe.


This seems unwise.


Very unwise.


Well… Miller did a great job on Deadpool.

But from a number of interviews, it’s pretty clear that this was Ryan Reynold’s and the writers’ baby primarily all along, and that they already had very clear ideas about what their movie would be like before Miller came on board.

So… if the differences are between the director and Reynolds or/and the writers, I think this is one case in which it may be better to switch directors.


Tim has run Blur for decades, and they are the TOP for cinematics in video games. They make TONS of money. He has no reason to play the typical starting, up and coming director game, because he IS NOT a starting director. He has directed DOZENS of pieces that have made more money and have been seen by more people than any film coming out today EVER will.
He knows a movie needs him, more than he needs any movie!
I am predicting a MILLAR/MILLER team up… But what movie???


Moe details on why Miller left:

Apparently, the clash that caused Miller to bow out of the sequel came about because two separate groups were campaigning for two entirely different movies.

The Wrap, who has the inside scoop, learned that the sequel plans were already in place well before the first Deadpool was released in theaters. At first, Reynolds, with screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, were planning a “scrappy” and inexpensive movie — much like the first one. But Miller, whose talents lie in visuals and style, wanted a higher budget for the sequel, which he hoped would compete with the rest of Marvel’s upcoming superhero blockbusters.

”There were two totally different movies on the table, and one of them just wasn’t ‘Deadpool,” an insider told The Wrap. Ultimately, Reynolds, Reese, and Wernick’s version won — unsurprisingly, since as soon as Marvel got wind of the possibility of making serious bank without spending anywhere near as much money as they would for something like Infinity War, for example, the writing was on the wall. Deadpool has only very loose connections to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and he isn’t scheduled to become part of any future installments in that storyline, so why spend tons of money on him when instead they could… not?

I assume they mean Fox rather than Marvel in the last paragraph.


It sounds like they’re trying to keep a similar style and tone as what made the first movie work, which is good news. Plus, I’m all in favour of movie budgets being kept at somewhat sane levels these days.


It wouldn’t surprise me if Reynolds directed it himself.


Edgar Wright would make this more Deadpool than Deadpool.

He would be AMAZING!



Yeah, Edgar Wright would be great for this.


Given the confusion over who actually bank rolls the movies it sound like they may be making it all up.

Perfectly good theory, but I’m not convinced their source has any real information.


It’s Screen Crush quoting The Wrap’s story though.