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Chris would though where the conversation started. :wink:
Unlike MU no commitment to collect all new stuff a few months down the line either. They probably didn’t right at the beginning but we are 8 years or so down the line from that. It’s not a very tempting prospect for the comics content right now, that could change, we shall see.


In other news, there’s new Abominable Charles Christopher today.


Why would I care about Chris??? :wink:


He cares for you deeply.


Your right. Please forgive me, Chris. I really do love you.

All joking aside. I was on ComiXology at the beginning when I got my first gen iPad. There was very little content and no one was day-and-date. It was still very cool and had a lot of potential. Now I buy ~99% of my comics there.

I’m not sure anyone else has put together a platform that is as enticing. I never cared for Marvel Unlimited as it lacked that last 10-20% of refinement to make it a competitor. It always felt like Marvel (or whoever runs it for them) didn’t care enough about the platform for the continued refinement.


I assume that that was a typo and you meant “from pre-Crisis backwards”?



Why would he want that???


I agree Comixology had little to start with but it exploded when DC went day and date and Marvel followed almost instantly. DC aren’t entering that market of experimenting with digital now. Time has moved on. Fox didn’t launch in black and white because ABC did. Their comics have already been digitised since August 2011.
With Marvel Unlimited the interface is basic and they don’t seem to pay it much attention but it works and is dirt cheap compared to buying them and everything turns up there (bar the very few mature rated books).


In all seriousness, what I would look for in an unlimited service would be stuff from before I collected comics. I don’t need DC comics from the 80s or 90s, because I already have longboxes full of them. The early silver and golden ages are the big gaps in my collection, and I would assume that’s true for most people on this forum.

And for an era where the quality was (admittedly) variable and often terrible, most people are not going to want to spend money on expensive back issues or archive/omnibus editions, so an unlimited service would seem ideal for sampling it and finding the good stuff (that you maybe never even knew existed).


Unfortunately, in my experience books from that era tend to fare quite poorly in digital form. The colours often look off and (depending on the quality of the files) the art can look quite rough on high-definition digital devices.


I feel similar to Dave. Older material tends to look worse in digital. There also doesn’t seem to be a big pull to digitize all that material. DC has been slowly putting some of it into ComiXology but there are obviously still huge gaps.


I think in some cases it even has to be scanned direct from the original issues (rather than reproduced from existing files), which is obviously quite painstaking and expensive.

There was a case recently where DC was planning a hardcopy collection of Detective Comics #1-26 (ie. the pre-Batman issues) scanned from the original comics and it was suddenly cancelled. Some people speculated that was due to the costs involved.


It may not be the case with you, but the ease of access makes reading even things I already own (in paper form) through Marvel Unlimited appealing.

There are still bugs with the MU iPad app - random issues missing, creator links pointing to the wrong person, cumbersome navigation between titles, but it’s still definitely worth the current price to me.

It does mean I pretty much ignore Marvel offerings on Comixology altogether, but I would never have been spending A$15 a month there anyway.


Now this is real news!


The DC offerings on Comixology Unlimited are surprisingly good — seems like at least the first trade of all Rebirth titles, a bunch of pre-rebirth stuff, an awful lot of Vertigo, Wildstorm etc.


Another new ACC.


The new Humble Bundle is a lot of Dynamite licensed books, but in the middle of all that there’s American Flagg, The Last Temptation, and books 1-3 of The Boys.


Oh … there’s some really good stuff there … that I already have :smirk: Still, got to admit I am tempted by the rest too. Just got to weigh up if it’s worth my while to do this, or just buy the missing stuff from ComiXology sales.

Similarly, there’s a Deadly Class Humble Bundle too, for every trade and issue to date.


I’ve bought a fair few Bundles that overlapped with other ones I’ve bought before.


A Study in Emerald - This has always been one of my favorite Neil Gaiman short stories. If I’m not mistaken, it was originally a part of an anthology of Sherlock Holmes (or was it H.P. Lovecraft) stories that Gaiman participated in hence the play on A Study in Scarlet. Anyway, it’s a nice mashup with plenty of twists and turns to begin with. Rafael Albuquerque’s art is phenomenal. Sometimes the graphic novel adaptations of Gaiman’s work have helped clarify things for me like with Murder Mysteries but with this story I think some of the things were better imagined than made clear. The final twist, that our protagonist is likely Moriarty working against Holmes, is always great. So if your a fan of Gaiman, Sherlock Holmes or H.P. Lovecraft, I would definitely recommend this book. I think it would be even better coming to it fresh.